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When you walk the streets of London, you see interactive public kiosks, don’t you? In some kiosks, you get valuable information and/or direction on important landmarks. Whilst, on other kiosks, you can check-in and/or book your tickets.

Public kiosks should be tough and resistant from frequent public use. As a kiosk business owner, you need to consider these factors. For one, an outdoor setting has a harsh environment. And, the weather is unpredictable and unwanted incidents may also happen.

So, we recommend our 22” capacitive touchscreen PCs for your kiosks on the outdoors. It has a quick touch sensor ability, which makes it for the public easy to use. Also, this advanced PC has a high NEMA sealing and an IP69K rating. This means it can withstand heat, fluid intrusions, dust, humidity, and shock. As a result, it performs well even on the mean streets of London.

Now, do these industrial computers have security and safety levels, too? Read on and let’s explore.

Choose S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC for Outdoor Kiosks

Choosing an S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC for Outdoor Kiosks

As we know, kiosks are for public use. In fact, these are usually installed in the public places and outdoors. Hence, its embedded panel PC should be powerful enough to withstand harsh conditions.

With that, our projected capacitive touchscreen PCs can work both indoors and outdoors. Aside from its rugged features, it also comes with a Watchdog Timer. This timer can login, monitor, and record the internal conditions of the system. Thus, the hardware is protected from any hindrance that may cause a system failure.

In addition, our industrial PCs have a LED backlit keyboard. This means that it can be utilised even with poor lighting.

S22 Touchscreen Industrial PCs vs. Other 23” Touchscreen PCs

So, what makes our S22 embedded panel PC standout over other touchscreen PCs used on kiosks? Let’s take a look at this.

Technical Specifications22” Touchscreen Industrial ComputersOther 23” Touchscreen PCs
Touchscreen FeatureResistive and/or CapacitiveResistive Touchscreen only
SystemIntel® Atom™ / Intel® Baytrail-M/D™ / Intel® Core™i7Intel® i3 / i5 / i7
Memory500GB HDD, Up to 16GB RAM500GB Hard drive, 2GB RAM
Display22 Inches23 inches
SealingIP65/NEMA4 Sealing as StandardIP55
PartsIndustrial Grade Components
Other FeaturesBuilt-in Watchdog Timer

What’s the Difference?

Obviously, our S22 industrial-grade touchscreen PCs have better technical features.

In terms of touchscreen capabilities, capacitive PCs are better than the resistive. It is true, however, that resistive touchscreen PCs are cheaper than capacitive PCs. But, a capacitive touch-enabled PC has a better touch sensor ability. So, the user can easily utilise the kiosk without putting too much pressure on the screen.

Another advantage of the S22 industrial PC is its bigger memory storage. It can store more data compared to other industrial computers. And, more applications can be installed as well.

Finally, this 22” touchscreen panel PC is sealed with NEMA 4. Its system can withstand against windblown dust and rain. Its electrical components are also protected from splashing and hose-directed water. And, this advanced PC has also a protection from ice forming and/or causing damages.

Truly, this advanced PC is ideal for all indoor and outdoor applications. Customised panel computers will also work on your kiosks structured for various settings. Now, will you consider other touch-enabled computers for your kiosks?

Advance to 22” Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for Your Kiosks Today

Investing on an advanced PC is your decision to make. It gives you the assurance that your kiosk can be used for a longer period.

Whatever the nature of environment it is, our industrial computers can work. So, customise your S22 industrial PC to be installed on your kiosks today.


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