Invest S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for Steel Pipes Apps

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Today, the steel pipes production have a growing demand in the global market. Steel pipes are used by many industries such as the oil and gas industry.

But, do you know that steel tubes are not always cylindrical and straight? Steel tubes can actually vary in size, shape, thickness, and its use. Hence, a manufacturer must have the right computing equipment. And, its system must be compatible for a specific steel pipe application.

Good thing, our 17” computing system with projected capacitance is designed to perform such kind of application. Thus, it can help you achieve accurate, efficient, and high-quality steel pipes. So, how can our computing device be utilised in steel pipe production? Let’s find out more on this blog.

Utilising Projected Capacitive Touchscreen System for Steel Pipe Manufacturing Operations

How Steel Pipes Are Made Using S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

Manufacturing steel pipes has diverse processes in an extreme working environment. It involves melting, refinement, moulding, and finishing. During these processes, possible incidents may happen. This can be caused by heat in the melting process or dropping of debris in the moulding. Thus, a steel pipe manufacturing operation must have a reliable and durable computing system.

Well, in that case, we have the perfect solutions for you. Our S17 industrial PC with a projected capacitive touchscreen is everything you need. It is resilient to heat, water immersion, and humidity. And, it is also fully protected from any fallen debris that may harm the system.

Now, do you want to know its capabilities and other characteristics? Read on and let’s take a tour.

Discover the Capabilities of the S17 Capacitive Touch Panel PCs

You may have found a lot of touchscreen PCs in the market today. But, one thing is for sure, our S17 industrial panel PCs are built at its finest. Let us see what our product can do for steel pipe manufacturing and operations.

Built with a Compatible System Processor

This industrial-grade computer is built with a compatible system processor. It is an Intel-based PC with a 2.0 GHz Quadcore motherboard processor. Hence, it has the capability to install tough applications.

Plus, it also has the capacity to gather, analyse, and store valuable information. It can transmit data from one processing application to another as well.

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Feature

Have you heard about the projected capacitive touchscreen feature? This feature has a quick response touch sensor ability. It enables the user to utilise the computing equipment without putting too much touch pressure on the screen. Therefore, the user can easily complete the steel pipe manufacturing operation.

High IP Rating and NEMA Sealing

Needless to say, steel pipe manufacturing has an extreme working temperature. But, our 17” touchscreen PCs are rated IP69K. This means that it can withstand rigorous high pressure, high temperature wash-down procedures. IP69K is suitable for hygienic conditions.

Also, the S17 panel PC has a high NEMA sealing which is resistant from corrosion and heat. It has a stainless steel construction frame to ensure that the system is fully protected. At the same time, it can perform its function as well.

Customisable Features

We always ensure that our product must meet the needs and requirements of our client. That is why we also offer customisation to several technical specifications. You can talk to our IC experts for the compatibility. But, we guarantee that our industrial PCs can provide exceptional quality and overall performance.

Propel Your Steel Pipe Manufacturing Operations

Now, your main concern is how much does it cost. We know that industrial PCs can be a huge investment. But, expect that the S17 panel PCs have long-term availability with outstanding performance.

We also offer a standard 3-year warranty with an extendable option up to 5 years. This is our own way to provide the best customer service. We would like also to ensure the overall quality of our products even after the purchase.

So, what else are you looking for? Start propelling your steel pipe manufacturing to boost productivity today.


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