S17 Embedded Computers For Steel Manufacturing Control System

Manage 17” Industrial Computer System for Steel Manufacturing

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Steel manufacturing is an industry that existed for a long time. In the UK, Britain’s steel industry is facing challenges due to digital automation. Aside from that, the demands for steel worldwide is pivoting to China because of its fast-paced production using industrial computer technology and innovative control operating systems.

But, if you don’t want to remain sluggish in the steel manufacturing industry, building your own embedded computing technology is your alternative option.

S17 Embedded Computers For Steel Manufacturing Control System

Control S17 Embedded Computers for Steel Manufacturing Control System

Steel imports from the UK are still robust and healthy despite stiff competition in the global market. Which is why innovating your management and control system through industrial computers is essential for the success of your steel manufacturing business.

Although you might get confused on why you should choose an industrial PC over a commercial-grade computer, you must know that the latter one is more beneficial. By taking control of 17” embedded computer system, you can monitor and manage the entire manufacturing operations.

So, how did this technology really work? Let’s see.

Uses of ICs in Steel Manufacturing Process

Steel is probably the most important metal in the history. Its aesthetic characteristics make it an ideal material for building infrastructures. But, because of its meticulous and critical manufacturing process, you must entrust your business with industrial computing solutions.


A steel manufacturing process starts with casting iron. This includes removing its impurities and reducing the percentage of the principal component of the alloy which is the coal.

By using a 17” industrial-grade computer, you can easily gather, analyse and transmit data to the control system to determine an accurate iron casting. Needless to say, this kind of technology features a Watchdog Timer powered by an Intel Bay Trail M/D 2.0 GHz Quadcore processor.


There are two stages in steelmaking: primary and secondary steelmaking. This is a process where iron undergoes extreme melting procedure. In this phase, continuous casting is also performed to remove other impurities.

Now, an ordinary computer cannot endure the high melting point of steel manufacturing. But with an S17 rugged industrial computer, you can always assure that it can withstand the harsh environment.

In fact, industrial PCs are rated IP68 and NEMA-sealed, which also means waterproof, dustproof, and resistant from heat, moist, humidity, and shock as well. Thus, a perfect fit for the steelmaking procedure.

Fabrication and Finishing

Once the steel is cast, it will now proceed to form its various shapes for fabrication and finishing. In this last phase, the manufacturing process must produce efficient and high-quality steel products.

Through industrial panel computers, you can do the shaping, machining, joining, coating, heat and surface treatment in a timely manner because it is designed to perform industrial applications by installing a specific function.

Future of UK Steel Industry

Like it or not, the future is already here. You must learn how to adopt these kinds of technology and apply it in your steel manufacturing process.

Seek help from an expert and know how you can maximise the remarkable benefits of a 17″ rugged industrial computer for your steel business.


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