Use S17 Touch Panel PCs for Air Traffic Control and Management Systems

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Do you know that the London City Airport will have its first digital air traffic control (ATC) tower in the UK? Indeed, this means that the UK aviation facilities are adapting to new technologies. By upgrading its control and management systems, passengers will experience better flight services [Telegraph UK].

Also, controllers can now operate the flight traffic systems using touch panel PCs. These devices can be integrated with information about the weather trends & moving objects. And, these can be connected with a wide array of panoramic screens where staffs can monitor the skies of the UK.

So, having an industrial touchscreen PC is essential in these aviation tower facilities. This device with touchscreen features actually enhances the overall performance of ATC towers. Although, these devices might be an overwhelming investment. But, your facility will have an improved & efficient air traffic control and management.

As an answer to this call, the S17 industrial PCs can be installed for this purpose. It comes with a compatible operating system that can support any application. And, it would be effective if it features a projected capacitive touchscreen technology. Hence, expect that there will be no system failure during the operations.

But, how is it different from other industrial computing devices? What are its capabilities to improve the network of flight traffic management systems? Keep reading and learn why controllers must opt for the S17 industrial PCs.

Embed S17 Panel PCs with Projected Capacitance for Air Traffic Control

Improve the Air Traffic Control & Management Systems with S17 Panel PCs

Thousands of aircrafts are facilitated to land and depart from and to any airport every hour. Both landing and flight operations are managed by the ATC facilities. Of course, this is to ensure that aircrafts can arrive and depart timely. These facilities monitor unpredictable weather conditions and obstructive objects on the airspace.

But, these facilities also require accuracy of data to perform flight traffic operations. That is why having an industrial computing device can aid in its operations. And, installing the S17 panel PCs into these facilities can streamline its systems.

These devices can function with the existing systems of these control facilities. Apart from that, these devices can be customised based on the preferred system. This is to make sure that it is compatible with the network that these towers are using. Hence, touchscreen PCs in the air traffic control systems will help improve the ATC operations.

Now, can you imagine the potential results when using the S17 rugged computer? What will be its other features to make it suitable for these facilities? Let’s take a look at the details below.

Air Traffic Control Systems with S17 Industrial Computers

Pilots may be perceived to have the coolest jobs in the world. For one, they can safely land and depart the aircraft to and from the airport, respectively. But, behind all these are the mission-critical operations inside the ATC tower.

Thanks to the advancements brought by industrial computing solutions today. These industrial computers like the S17 rugged computers can improve the ATC systems. It has features and specifications that other industrial computing devices don’t have.

So, what are the special features and qualities of 17” industrial-grade PCs? Here are some of its features.

Reliable Display Characteristics

The ATC towers check the airspace & weather conditions using the industrial computer monitors. Its controllers make sure that traffic on the airspace is controlled and smooth-sailing. Thus, these aviation facilities are equipped with a bright LED display to see a better view of the data.

Which is why the S17 industrial PC has a LED backlit display with a 1280 x 1024 resolution. With its display features, controllers may be able to see and check clearly the data into the system. Plus, with its high-definition display, accessing applications is easy even under poor lighting.

Projected Capacitance Technology

Some aviation facilities are still utilising non-touchscreen industrial computing devices. But, with the S17 touchscreen PC, it is more advanced and dependable compared to other devices. Also, the S17 rugged computers feature a touchscreen technology with projected capacitance.

Actually, there are other types of touchscreen technology. One of the most common touch technology is the resistive touchscreen because it is cheap. But, a projected capacitive touchscreen is more responsive to touch compared to others. Hence, any controller in the facility can easily utilise the device with a capacitive feature.

Graded IP69K Rating and High NEMA Sealing

Inside the control tower facility may bear a harsh working environment. For instance, the industrial PCs are exposed to frequent use and multi-tasking operations. There is also a posing threat from moist, dust, and dirt.

As per industry standard, ATC operations need a tough and durable computing devices. These S17 industrial computers are graded with an IP69K rating and high NEMA sealing. These devices can resist dust and liquid spill overs. So, its internal components of the system are protected. As a result, there would be minimal chances of system failure to occur inside the facility.

Mount the S17 Rugged Computer in the ATC Towers

Co-ordinating the aircraft’s movement from and to another airport is not an easy task. It requires a maximum reliability of IT components to make it work. Thus, it is recommended to upgrade your aviation tower’s computing systems.

So, why not consider investing in a more advanced computing solutions? Start by using the S17 industrial panel PCs into the flight traffic towers. Rest assured that an improved productivity and overall performance can be achieved.


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