Manage Steel Manufacturing Operations with the S12 Touch Panel PCs

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Steel industries now look for new solutions to improve its productivity and efficiency. Each of these industries needs to have an edge towards its competitors.

As a matter of fact, the UK steel industries also face similar issues. This includes automation, high energy costs and recently, the Brexit referendum. The old steel companies will soon vanish whilst new entries are up to dominate this industry [The Manufacturer].

But, one thing is for sure to all these industries. The UK steel industry’s productivity has improved massively. All these are because of industrial computing technologies. These industrial panel PCs have brought a more enhanced manufacturing processes than before.

Amongst the most utilised tools in manufacturing operations is the computing technology. For instance, an industrial computing device allows operators to monitor their production efficiency. It is built with a reliable computing system that can work in harsh environments. And, this includes the steel manufacturing factories.

Today, a lot has changed in the processes of a steel industry operations. So, an S12 rugged computer is up for the task. How can this device withstand steel plants’ extreme temperature? And, what other features can it provide to support steel factories? Find out more of its rugged features making it suitable for a steel production facility on this blog.

Build S12 Touch Panel PCs to Steel Manufacturing Operations

Why Build S12 Touch Panel PCs to Steel Manufacturing Operations

Nothing beats the extreme temperatures of a steel production factory. All the equipment can be exposed to heat to as high as 1500°C. Also, there is a high presence of dust and dirt that surrounds the area as well.

Given the nature of steel factories, a device must bear with its harsh working conditions. It must be tough and durable. At the same time, it must be efficient and reliable. Hence, there is a need to utilise embedded computers for steel plants operations.

It is known that different processes are performed inside a steel manufacturing plant. So, what industrial computing device can survive on these complex operations?

The S12 industrial PCs have the highest Ingress Protection making it suitable in this industry. It is graded with an IP69K rating and NEMA-sealed.

Its IP69K rating proves that it can resist high ingress from water, dust or high temperatures. And with its NEMA enclosures, it can be safe even if it is exposed to corrosion and/or contaminants. So, its internal system components are protected from these external elements. Hence, this device can work efficiently and effectively on steel factory operations.

What are other features that make the S12 rugged computers to stand out from other devices? How are these devices different from other industrial computers? Let’s get into more details on how steel industries can use this device on its operations.

Using the S12 Rugged Computers in the Steel Factories

Managing operations like the steel plants require a tough computing technology. An industrial computing device must have the precision to produce quality outputs. At the same time, it also offers the factory with fair operational costs.

So, it is imperative to have the right industrial PC for the steel factory operations. Now, what are certain indicators that a computing device may face in these conditions?

  1. Is it resistant to water intrusion?
  2. Can it withstand a wide range of temperature?
  3. Is it resilient from dust ingress?
  4. Can it still perform its function from shocks and vibrations?

Then, the S12 embedded PCs are the best fit for this kind of environment. In fact, the S12 touch panel PCs can withstand all these conditions for any type of industry. Here are some of its capabilities which can be utilised in steel plants’ operations.

Touchscreen PCs with Projected Capacitance

We are now living in the world of digital technology. Most of the devices like smartphones or televisions feature a touchscreen technology. This is simply because it is easy to use especially for complex operations. In fact, many industries prefer using touch-enabled computing devices.

There are different types of touchscreen technology. One of which is mostly applied to the smartphones and TVs. And, this is the resistive touchscreen feature. Apart from it is cheap, a device with resistive touch can be operated with a finger, a stylus pen or a pointed object.

However, industrial PC experts recommend having an industrial touchscreen PC with projected capacitance. These devices with a capacitive touchscreen can be more responsive to touch than resistive. For one, it involves the embedded transparent electrode films and an IC chip.

Then, this creates a 3-dimensional electrostatic field. So, even if there are multiple fingers are in contact with it, the ratios of the electrical currents change. Because of this, a device with projected capacitance can detect multiple touch points. Thus, any user can easily navigate the applications into the computing system.

Built-in Watchdog Timer

A system failure may prolong the ongoing processes of the manufacturing operations. And, this can delay other tasks like a domino effect. Every process will be affected once a system failure occurs. But, this can be prevented by using an industrial computing device with a Watchdog Timer.

Now, what is a Watchdog Timer? Its main function to the S12 industrial computer is to continually monitor its system’s internal operations. It also has the capability to detect possible issues that may trigger system failure.

So, even there is no operator around the facility, the Watchdog Timer can identify system issues. With this feature, it can apply a system reset to its Intel® processor from lags due to a software fault.

Customisable Specifications

An industrial computer must have the preferred specifications and requirements for any industry. As such, this ensures that it fits with the systems of steel manufacturing plants. In this case, an industrial PC manufacturer provides customisation options for steel industries. And, the device will definitely work its functions in the industry’s operations.

Another customisable option for S12 rugged computing devices is the colour. It can have full customisation for its case colour depending on the client’s preference. Engraving or embedding the industry’s logo can also be done. For output sockets, these can be customised to suit the requirements. For industry-based operating systems, contact an industrial computer manufacturer for details.

Increase Precision & Productivity with S12 Rugged Computers

Adapting to new technologies for steel factory operations is a huge decision to make. Plus, precision and quality are the most important factors in manufacturing steel.

That is why it would be smart to enhance your productivity to produce the finest steel products. So, why not consider upgrading the computing system in steel operations? Start by building your S12 industrial panel PC today.


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