Using S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs on Quality Management

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Many industries now shift to using computing technologies to elevate their operations. And, this goes the same to logistics and distribution, too.

By using industrial computers, these industries have upgraded their processes and operations. Distribution processes have become more efficient and productive than manual operations. As a result, logistics agencies have been able to meet the demands in the supply chain.

These devices will not only speed up their distribution processes. But, these can also provide an effective management before goods are transported. Then, it can be installed to logistics operations to perform quality management processes.

An example of an advanced computing device is the S17 industrial panel PC. This device is used in industries like the manufacturing and food processing plants. By organising all data into this device, operations can provide quality collaboration in the facility.

Also, one feature of these rugged computers is enabling its touchscreen capabilities. It can be setup with a resistive or a projected capacitive touchscreen. This can be good for all QA processes because of its functionality. Hence, all the applications can be accessed with touchscreen monitors.

Now, what can be the advantage of these touch panel PCs with a projected capacitance to this industry? Read more about this device to support the QA processes of distribution agencies.

Improve QA Processes With S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

Improving QA Processes With S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

Quality management and control can be composed of critical processes used in the logistics. It involves quality assurance and control, and quality improvement and maintenance. Which is why logistics operators use computing devices to ensure a reliable production output in the operations. Thus, the right equipment should be capable to adhere this kind of environment.

Fortunately, there is a perfect computing solutions for these challenges. The S17 touch panel PCs can be both reliable and tough. It comes with an Intel© Bay Trail-M/D with a 2.0 GHz Quad core processor which is ideal for tough applications. Hence, applications used for this industry’s processes can work well on these devices.

In addition, this device can also be built with a capacitive touchscreen technology. Projected capacitive touchscreen PCs are water-, dust-, and scratch-resistant. So, even with the presence of these elements, QA operators can touch the screen monitors. Thus, a system failure can be prevented since its internal components are well-protected.

In fact, there are a lot of features and benefits of using this device with a projected capacitance. Keep on reading and learn more details about this touchscreen technology.

Integrating S17 Industrial PCs in the Quality Management Processes

Do you want to speed up your logistics processes? Or, would you want to improve your production output?

Taking advantage of technology tools make the logistics operations productive and efficient. For this reason, quality is maintained in the production operations. Then, the goods are delivered quickly from one location to another.

Now, this makes the S17 industrial computer suitable for the logistics operations. This device can help operators to do its quality check regularly. As a result, distribution centres’ delivery of the products is well coordinated.

Hence, this device makes the logistics operations to be efficient in its processes. Take a look below at some of its features and capabilities.

Touchscreen PC with Projected Capacitance

The S17 industrial PC provides an optimum combination of functionality and sensitivity. This is recommended for medical instrumentations and various industrial applications. And, it includes the distribution processes in the logistics.

Its touchscreen with projected capacitance can support multi-touch functionality. This means that users can use the device even on simultaneous touch points. It can support various touch points gesture including tap, flick, pinch, expand & rotate. And, any controller may do input to the device with a bare finger, a gloved hand or conductive stylus pen.

Also, this device can still work even with the presence of dust or water on screen monitors. Its rugged construction shows its exceptional surface durability of the device. And, it is dependable even on a wide range of temperature or where it is installed in a distribution agency.

Built-in Watchdog Timer

How do you know if the system is normal and running smoothly? For one, any system operator cannot easily determine what causes the system to fail. As an answer to this problem, the S17 industrial computer comes with a built-in Watchdog Timer.

This Watchdog Timer continually monitors and identifies system issues in the operations. It also helps resolve the causes that may hinder the computing system to operate. Thus, a system failure can be prevented.

With a Watchdog Timer on the S17 industrial PC, it runs a separate module as opposed to the CPU. This runs independently or automatically to reset the micro controller of the device. So, the processes on logistics will be fully functional at a regular time interval.

IP69K Rating with High NEMA Sealing

The S17 touchscreen computer is certified with an IP69K rating and high NEMA sealing. This means that it has the highest protection available from liquid spillovers & dirt. This IP69K rating means that it is protected against high-pressure water jets from any direction and dust ingress. Hence, it proves that this device can withstand liquid intrusion, dust, and dirt. So, its internal hardware can be protected from the external dangers.

Since it is also NEMA-sealed, it can resist heat, humidity, shocks and vibrations. NEMA sealing is given to an industrial device having standardised product specifications. It indicates the capability of the enclosure to withstand in a specific environment, like the logistics. Therefore, the management operations will be performed well even with these circumstances.

Customisable Options

In addition to a variety of features of this device, it can have custom solutions to meet specifications in the operations. It can have the ability to perform specific functions for this industry’s operations.

One of these options is that agencies can request full customisation of its case colour. Another is by integrating the preferred operating system of the agency on the device. Rest assured that it will perform its functions on various QA processes.

Efficient Quality Management and Control with Touchscreen PCs

Other industries are re-shaping their operations to a new level with industrial computers. These industries understand the benefits it may give to their operations. And, the logistics and distribution industries are not exempted to it.

Advancing your system to improve overall efficiency in logistics is the key option. So, install the S17 projected capacitive touchscreen PCs to this industry’s operations. And, expect that it will provide efficient and reliable production output.


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