Speed Up Food Processes With S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

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The food and drink industry is currently the largest industrial sector in the UK. It comprises more than 6,800 businesses with over 400,000 employees. However, the UK food and drink sector have its potentials which remain untapped [The Manufacturer]. Hence, the industry needs to facilitate innovation such as automating their processes today.

In the food processing operations, using industrial computers can speed up every process. These devices should be compatible with the food production systems. It must also withstand the industry’s harsh working areas. So, an industrial computing device must have specifications suitable for its operations.

This makes the S17 industrial PC with projected capacitance fitting on these industries. It has a reliable operating system which is ideal for tough applications. And, this includes different applications used in the food and drink industries.

Also, its projected capacitive touchscreen allows manufacturers to easily use the device. So, any operator can navigate or prompt the applications on the monitor smoothly. In addition to that, its touchscreen feature is known for touch sensitivity and functionality. Thus, the operations can improve and increase its production outputs.

So, how will it work on food process applications such as food preservation? Learn more about how this industry can take advantage of this device on this blog.

Use 17” Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs For Food Process Applications

S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for Food Processing Uses

The increasing demand for food production requires the latest technology tools. This helps the operations to increase its production. Plus, it ensures that processed foods are contamination-free and safe for public consumption. Hence, industrial computing devices play a vital role in every food manufacturing process.

The S17 panel PCs can make the operations of this industry productive and efficient. And, enabling its projected capacitance feature is suitable for the operations. Therefore, it can help in optimising the production output in the processing plant.

Furthermore, this device can perform its functions in hygienic conditions. Its IP69K rating proves that it can resist liquid intrusion, dust, chemicals, and dirt. So, the internal components are protected. And, with its NEMA sealing, it has a degree of protection from heat, humidity and vibrations. Therefore, it can work on indoor applications in food production facilities.

But, why consider this device with a projected capacitive touchscreen feature? Let’s take a look at some of its benefits when used in the food manufacturing operations.

Benefits of S17 Panel PCs with Touchscreen Features

There are different touchscreen technologies applied on many devices. Two of which are the most used touchscreen technologies. Each has a different set of capabilities and limitations. These are the resistive touchscreen and projected capacitive touchscreen technologies.

For example, a smartphone usually has a resistive touchscreen feature. This touchscreen feature is cheaper compared to a capacitive touchscreen. Aside from its touch functionality, it is also easy to use.

But, most industrial PC manufacturers recommend using touch panel PCs with projected capacitance. Unlike a resistive touchscreen, it provides better functionality and responsive touch sensitivity. That is why food processing plants use these touchscreen PCs for many applications.

Now, why is this the touchscreen feature suitable for the S17 industrial PCs? What type of environment can this device be installed into? How can this device work on areas where it requires strict hygiene regulations? Can this device work in regular intervals despite these conditions? Let’s get into the details below.

It Is More Responsive To Touch

Inside the facilities, food engineers are required to wear sanitised gloves. This is in compliance with the UK Food Safety Standards regulation. Operating a computing device can be tricky when wearing gloves. But, this will not hinder the operations as there is a perfect solution for this issue.

Touch panel PCs with projected capacitance are more responsive compared to other touchscreens. It does not need pressure (as in resistive) to make the device work. But instead, it works to anything that holds an electrical charge. And, this can come from the fingertips and even from gloved hands. So, the S17 rugged computer with this touchscreen feature can be used in the operations.

Resistant To Corrosive Materials and Caustic Cleaners

Food processing plants have harsh environments. Corrosive materials, disinfectants or caustic cleaners are being used repeatedly. These are used to ensure that all equipment is contamination-free.

But, the S17 industrial computer monitors are certified with a high NEMA sealing. It has a built-in enclosure with standardised specifications for industrial applications. So, the internal parts of the computing system are protected. Accordingly, this device can still work regardless of what method is being performed.

Water- and Dust-Resistant

Food production facilities are prone to dust and dirt. This place is also not immune to liquid spill-overs and other fallen debris. And, these elements may cause the computing system to delay or halt a process.

The S17 industrial PCs are graded with an IP69K rating. This proves that it can also resist water intrusion, dust and dirt ingress. This makes its internal components protected from these intrusions. At the same time, it can still perform its functions and prevent any system failure.

No Downtimes

Another best feature of S17 rugged computers is its built-in Watchdog Timer. This feature can monitor and identify potential issues in the system. It also detects and provides quick solutions to prevent a system failure. Therefore, there is no reason to hamper a production in this industry’s operations.

Advance to S17 Industrial Computers with Touchscreen Features

Food manufacturing plants have different and strict procedures to follow. This includes having a hygienic working condition inside the facility. Because of this, its equipment should be in accordance with the Food Safety Standards. And, that includes the utilisation of industrial computing devices.

Other computers may not be able to withstand this industry’s working conditions. But, the S17 rugged computers have the best specifications for the food processes. This device has the capability to withstand a wide temperature range. And, it can perform its functions efficiently and effectively.

So, improve your production rate in the processing operations. And, make your systems optimised with these devices today.


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