Automated Teller Machines with S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

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In the UK, public kiosks like Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) increase its number in 2017. As of June 2017, there were 70,308 cash machines deployed and 48 million people are using ATMs [LINK Transaction History]. In addition to that, there was a total of 100.1 million cards issued in the UK as of October 2016 [UK Credit and Debit Cards].

But, the growing number of these machines has a looming threat. Members of the UK Link system wants to overhaul these machines. One reason is that these teller machines have a high operational cost. Also, most of these self-service kiosks are becoming outdated.

So, for kiosk manufacturers, these machines must have cost-effective and modern industrial PCs. One of the most recommended computing devices is the S17 touchscreen PCs. These devices have features to fit the ATM kiosks, especially when there is a lack of light. It has an LED backlit display so users can still view the applications on the screen clearly.

Another advantage of these devices is its touchscreen technology known as projected capacitance. It is more responsive to touch when performing transactions on the ATM. Thus, users can easily navigate the options on the screen with its touch feature.

Now, why is it ideal to use S17 industrial PCs with projected capacitance? Also, these automated teller machines can be a target for fraud and data breach. So, can these industrial computers provide data security and confidentiality as well? Let’s explore other features of this device on this blog.

Integrate S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Monitors To ATM Kiosks

Why Integrate S17 Capacitive Touchscreen Monitors To ATM Kiosks

Automated teller machines are essential for many banking institutions. Through ATMs, account holders can perform their financial transactions easily. But, these machines are also exposed to frequent use since these are 24/7 operational. So, every component of the computing equipment is heavily used as well.

But, not all ATMs are placed indoors. Some of these machines are installed in outdoor places. ATMs can be found outside the banks, shopping malls or the transport terminals. These places are prone to heat and dust during summer and spring seasons. And, these machines may be vulnerable to ice formation during winter.

Given all these factors, the S17 industrial computers can be placed for outdoor kiosks. It is ideal for outdoor settings as well as for the UK’s weather conditions.

These industrial computers are graded with an IP69K rating and high NEMA sealing. These ratings prove that these can withstand all types of outdoor environments. That includes a degree of protection from heavy rains or heat from the sun. It is also protected from other fallen debris such as snow or airborne particles. Therefore, any person can use the ATM without worrying a system to fail.

Furthermore, these devices can be durable even with a touchscreen functionality. A touchscreen technology with projected capacitance can be best integrated into it. This can be made with all glass or plastic which makes it impervious on outdoor environments.

Now, why opt for the S17 industrial PCs with projected capacitance? How will it improve ATM kiosks’ functionality and ease of use? Let’s take a look at some of these features below.

Features of the S17 Industrial Touchscreen PCs

Not all ATMs have an advanced computing technology inside of it. Some of these are using infrared technology which has lower resolution. Whilst, other ATMs are still using a resistive touchscreen technology. That is why some of these machines may suffer a system failure when used frequently.

These issues can be prevented with the S17 touch panel PCs. Its projected capacitive touchscreen monitors have 3-layers to protect the ATM system. At the top layer, its glass serves as a protection against the outdoor environment. Then, its touch sensors are placed in the middle layer to make touch functionality work on the ATMs. And, the last layer is where the embedded LCD monitor is placed to visually see the ATM applications.

All these layers make its touchscreen feature to work on the machine. And, it will not only improve its touch operations but also suit for all kinds of outdoor environment.

Aside from its projected capacitance features, it also provides a lot of benefits. Here are some reasons why the S17 touch panel PCs are suitable for ATMs.

Resistive and Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Cash machines use different types of touchscreen technology. The most common touchscreen feature is the resistive. It is cheaper when compared to other touchscreens available. It also provides functionality but has a limited touch sensitivity.

But, the most recommended touchscreen technology is the projected capacitive touchscreen. In fact, this touchscreen feature is applied to most interactive kiosks. It is more responsive to touch and easier to use than resistive. Also, it can have a user-friendly interface so people can perform transactions easily. Hence, any user can navigate the options and access certain applications on the ATM.

Tough and Resilient

Dust and dirt are the most common debris that may potentially enter into the system. There are also times that drops of liquid may surface on the screen monitors. Other industrial computers may not resist all these which can damage the machine.

But, the S17 rugged computers have an IP69K rating and high NEMA sealing. Apart from weather conditions, it can also withstand dust, dirt and water intrusions. This means that it can function properly and efficiently even with these hindrances.

Moreover, its IP rating and NEMA sealing show that it is also scratch- and shock-resistant. This proves that it can also withstand repeated use even in indoor applications.

Compatible Operating Systems

ATMs can be a target of fraud, data breaches and theft. Personal details and vital information of the account owner may be put at risk. Hence, its computing systems must have applications for data security.

Good thing is, the S17 industrial PCs have customisable options to ensure it has the right OS for ATMs. Banks have the option to choose the preferred operating system and software for ATMs. Operating systems like Windows and Linux can be installed on this device. So, regardless of what type of operating system, this ensures that it is compatible to any of these.

Setup the S17 Touch Panel PCs in the ATMs Today

As an ATM kiosk manufacturer, upgrading the computing system is a huge investment. But, most of the banking institutions are looking for innovation and ease of use on their ATMs. Therefore, it is recommended to provide them with better automated teller machines.

Now is the time to elevate the rising demands of the public. Install the S17 touch panel PCs with projected capacitive touchscreen to the ATMs. And, help these banking institutions provide better cash machines today.


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