S22 Industrial Computers: An Industrial PC Perfect for Outdoor Kiosks

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  • Interactive Kiosk Market reports that customers use self-service kiosks for an enhanced shopping experience.

  • Kiosk manufacturers face a sheer pace of technology change and persistent cyber-security concerns.

  • Rugged industrial computers like the S22 industrial panel PCs can be best used on kiosks. It comes with an Intel® Baytrail-M/D 2.0GHz Quad Core Processor ideal for kiosk management systems.

Customers now prefer using kiosks for convenience in a user-friendly shopping environment. In fact, this is one reason why interactive kiosks continue to rise on many industries. And, this accounts to the increasing inclination of customer attitude on self-service kiosks.

By 2022, the Global Interactive Kiosk Market is poised to reach $2.88 billion at a Comprehensive Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.63%. This rising demand for interest drives growth on many self-service kiosk applications. In addition, there is a continued development of the retail and entertainment industries [Market Research Store].

There are some major challenges, however, those kiosk manufacturers will face. This includes a sheer pace of technology change and persistent cyber-security concerns. But, businesses would unlikely spend another pound each time a technology changes. And, one reason is their reluctance on investing a computing system again.

That is why installing an industrial computer to these kiosks needs to fit on these demands. And, this device must have specifications capable to keep up with these challenges. One device with a range of capabilities is the S22 rugged industrial PC which is suitable for any kiosk.

This rugged computer comes with a built-in NEMA-sealed stainless steel enclosures. This means it can withstand heat, moist, humidity, and liquid intrusion. So, the kiosks can still perform its functions even when faced with those elements. Hence, any customer can use the outdoor kiosks without a system failure.

Also, the S22 rugged computers can feature a touchscreen functionality. This allows any user to easily access any application on the kiosk by touching its screen. Hence, its touchscreen makes the kiosk operations easier and simpler than before.

Now, what makes it different from other industrial computing devices? Let’s get to know how these devices can offer exceptional quality to kiosks.

Kiosk Manufacturers To Choose S22 Industrial Computers for Outdoor Kiosks

Why Opt for S22 Rugged Industrial Computers for Outdoor Kiosks

Placing a kiosk in an outdoor location will surely face the harsh conditions. Any weather condition can bring in particles like snow and raindrops into the device.

And, aside from the unpredictable weather, customers have different behaviours as well. Customers depend largely on using kiosks for easier transactions or purchases. Hence, the general public has an action of frequent or heavy use to these kiosks.

These factors if left unseen may hinder the kiosks’ performance and functionality.

But, the S22 industrial PCs can endure both conditions. Its IP69K rating can resist liquid spill-overs, dust, dirt and other fallen debris. This makes the internal parts of the kiosk system remain protected. So, expect that it can still perform its functions well.

Another feature is the rugged components of this industrial-grade computer. It is designed to perform on many industrial or commercial applications. And, this includes installing this industrial computing device in these kiosks. This makes the public kiosks to provide convenience for customers on any transaction. And, with this device, kiosks can withstand the frequent or heavy use of the general public.

Now, what are the other capabilities of these industrial computing devices? What other features that the S22 industrial PC can offer compared to other units? Let’s make a rundown on some of its specifications below.

Check the Features of an Industrial PC for Outdoor Kiosks

Kiosk manufacturers need to get the right device for kiosks if it is placed on the outdoors. For this reason, they need to find if the industrial computing device is reliable. And, its specifications must resist potential causes that may damage the device. So, which one can be best embedded for these kiosks? Check out the comparison chart of S22 rugged computers to other units below.

FeaturesS22 Industrial Panel PC Other Industrial PCs (21”, 22” and 23”)
Display Size22 inches21”, 22” and 23”
SealingIP65 / IP68 / IP69K: NEMA-sealedIP65
SystemIntel® Atom™ / Intel® Baytrail-M/D™ / Intel® Core™i7Intel® i3 / i5 / i7
Touchscreen DriversResistive Touchscreen
Capacitive Touchscreen
Resistive Only
Operating TemperaturesPC (Cased): -5°C to +45°C
PC (Bezel): -5°C to +50°C
Monitor: -10°C to +55°C
Storage Temperature-20°C to +70°C0˚C to 50 ˚C
Relative Humidity95% (non-condensing)30% to 90% (non-condensing)
Other FeaturesBuilt-in Watchdog Timer
Customisable Options

Based on the chart above, the S22 panel PCs have the highest protection against damages. Its IP69K rating prevents the system from water intrusion and dust ingress. Thus, all systems for the kiosk to operate is functional.

Another advantage of this device is that it offers two types of touchscreen features. Both the resistive and capacitive touchscreen are responsive to touch. But, it is recommended to use projected capacitive touchscreens on kiosks. This is because it is more responsive to touch when compared to resistive. The only advantage of the resistive touchscreen is that it is cheaper than capacitive.

Given this, the S22 rugged computers have better features compared to other units. This only means that you have the best options before making your kiosks.

Install Kiosks with the S22 Rugged Industrial Client Computer

Today, businesses start mounting self-service kiosks so their customers can transact easily. Because of this, investing on kiosks requires careful determination of the right device. And, that it must meet the preferred requirements and specifications for a kiosk.

This makes the S22 industrial computer to be best embedded for your kiosks. Whatever the environment is, it can provide your kiosks with performance and efficiency. For more information, feel free to call us at (+44) 014 3874 7111 so you can speak with our experts.

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