S17 Industrial Computer Workstations in the Food Processing Plants

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Operators in the food processing plants not only need to comply standards in food safety. But, they also need to have a safer working environment. With industrial computer workstations, operators can optimise their processes and perform tasks safely.

Food processing plants follow strict food safety and guidelines. Despite issues like food contamination, the food production industry continues to grow. Which is why these industries need to provide safe food products for the public.

But, apart from safe food products, its operations need to have a safe work environment. Research shows that operators in these plants are more likely getting injured than workers in other industries [Ergonomics in Action]. Often, the computing devices used in the processes are poorly designed or installed. If the workstation is not installed properly, operators can incur awkward postures. And, this would cause poor productivity in the operations.

To develop a safer workplace, operators can use an industrial computer workstation. And as an answer to this, the S17 industrial PC is suitable for these facilities. By installing it on a workstation, they can have easy and quick access to the device applications. Hence, they can do their tasks fast and safe.

Also, the S17 industrial panel PCs can endure the plant’s hygienic environment. Designed to withstand any condition, it has a NEMA-sealed enclosure suitable for wash down areas. This means it can resist chemical substances or caustic cleaners in these factories. So even with the presence of these hindrances, its computing systems will function.

Now, what are other features of this device that can help to facilitate the food processes? Will it provide efficiency and improve production output when placed in a workstation? Read on and know why it is the best option for these operations.

How Food Industries Take Advantage of Using the S17 Industrial Computer

Advances on Food Processing Plants Using the S17 Industrial Computer

Food manufacturing plants have a challenging type of environment. Its working conditions should be in accordance with the UK Food Safety Agency. This assures consumers that the processed foods are free from any food-borne diseases. With that, all processing equipment are not exempted to this rules and regulations.

That is why the S17 industrial PCs have the specifications that can meet all these standards. Its rugged components can withstand potential risks that may halt its system operations. Its IP69K rating also indicates that it has the highest protection available. This means it is protected from any intrusion of water, dirt, and chemical substances.

Also, this device can be mounted in a steel workstation in the processing plant. Setting it up in an industrial workstation allows operators do their tasks comfortably. It helps them to be more productive whilst performing their tasks in a standing position. With an ergonomic workstation, they can also maintain their neutral body postures.

Another great advantage of this device is its touchscreen technology. Controllers can now easily navigate the applications by touching icons on the screen. Thus, production tasks can be performed faster with a touchscreen feature.

Now, how can these features provide long-term availability? Get to know the capabilities of this S17 industrial panel PCs further below.

Advantages of the S17 Rugged Computers to Food Manufacturing Plants

Food hygiene is essential when processing food products to produce a safe food to eat. But, it is also important to use an equipment that can provide help in the production workflows. Hence, an industrial computer should have all these capabilities suitable for these plants.

Fortunately, the S17 industrial panel PCs is perfect for all food processing applications. Not only it will adhere to the plant’s harsh conditions, but it can also provide long-term availability. Take a look at some pros why this device is best in these industries.

Pro: Tough and Resilient

The S17 industrial panel PC is built with rugged and industrial-grade components. It is also designed to work in a complex environment like the food industries.

Its rugged feature has an IP69K rating and NEMA-sealed. This means it has the highest degree of protection from liquid spill-overs, dirt or fallen debris. Hence, it is well-protected from those elements that may harm the system. This allows operators in the plant to complete their tasks without a system failure.

Pro: Touchscreen Technology Feature

Advanced computers are now integrated with touchscreen technology. Two of which is most installed to industrial computing devices. This is the resistive touchscreen and projected capacitive touchscreen.

Resistive touchscreen is the most used touchscreen technology. This is because it is a lot cheaper than capacitive touchscreen. This can be usually found on smartphones and televisions.

But, it is recommended to use capacitive touchscreens for industrial applications. Projected capacitive touchscreen PC is more responsive to touch compared to resistive. So, operators can perform operations on the device even with their bare or gloved fingers.

Pro: Customisable Options

Other industrial computing devices have fixed specifications. You need to spend more on other features.

But with the S17 rugged computer, this device has customisable options. This is to ensure that the right technical requirements are met. And, rest assured this device will perform its function well in these facilities.

Pro: Ergonomic Industrial Workstation Design

Industrial workstations need to be designed ergonomically to ensure the workers’ safety. Poorly designed workstations may result to poor productivity in the operations.

By utilising space efficiently for each workstation, these plants can optimise their workflows. At the same time, the operations can ensure safety for their workers.

Hence, installing the S17 rugged computer in a workstation can improve performance. Not only on the device itself but also improving the productivity of the operators.

Build Your Industrial Workstation Today

Operations in the food production plants need to have ergonomics to improve productivity. And, this includes designing a workstation that can fit the operators’ capabilities. As a result, it can foster the safety of their operators leading to better performance.

So, create and develop an ergonomic workstation for your operators. Setup the S17 rugged computer in a workstation today. And, you can improve productivity and efficiency in your operations.

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