S22 Industrial Computers with 96P Series Keyboard in Warehouse Systems

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By integrating the 96P series keyboard, the S22 industrial PCs can be best used in the warehouse operations.

Are your warehouse operations and processes efficient enough to meet customers’ demands? Do you have the right technology platform to maximise your workforce productivity?

In logistics and distribution, an industrial computing device for warehousing is needed. Its systems must have the capacity to provide smooth operations. And it must be capable to determine the availability of resources, its value and how it is stored. At the same time, it has to quickly adapt the changing demands of the logistics processes. Otherwise, the entire operations may experience delays and failures.

One reliable industrial computer for warehousing system is the S22 industrial panel PC. This device is fully equipped with rugged specifications. It is designed to cater all types of industrial applications including logistics operations. This means that it can perform logistics complex operations without a system failure.

Also, this industrial computing device can be integrated with the 96-key industrial keyboard. With its IP67 rating, its internal parts are protected from dust and/or water immersion. Thus, this rugged keyboard will work effectively with the S22 industrial PCs.

Now, how will these technologies dynamically improve workflows in the logistics? Keep reading through this blog. And, learn why it is the best options for warehousing system operations.

Using Warehouse Management Systems on S22 Panel PCs with 96P Series Keyboard

Integrate Warehouse Systems with S22 Panel PCs and 96P Series Keyboard

Every industry has different requirements especially in choosing the right technology. For logistics and distribution agencies, these industries must have a reliable computing device. This industrial computing device must improve the logistics processes and workers’ productivity. At the same time, it can also provide long-term availability for various applications.

In a warehousing system, it involves a complex network where automation is applied. Some of the operations included in this system are receiving, inventory, and distribution. Each of these requires a specific application in order to complete its process. So, it would be ideal to utilise an industrial computing device to these processes.

Good thing, the S22 industrial computer is designed to perform various industrial applications. It can be accessorised with a 96P series keyboard for the logistics processes. And, it has a compatible operating system used in most logistics facilities. With this setup, it can do well in logistics operations.

For example, any software for the warehouse management systems can be installed in it. With this software, operators can do tracking of inventory levels & stock locations timely. And, by installing it in the S22 panel PC, any operator can manage their tasks easily.

Also, warehouse operators can use thin client terminals to have a centralised management of each task. Thin clients like the AX3000 Model M85 can function as a virtual desktop to the S22 industrial computer. It also allows the use of the remote desktop software. Hence, operators can only access those applications they need for specific processes.

Those are some applications making the S22 rugged computers suitable in these industries. Now, let us look at how you can use some of its key features to your advantage.

Take Advantage of S22 Industrial PCs with 96-Key Rugged Keyboard

Logistics and distributions agencies ensure that stock levels are available in real time. All data of these stocks must be encoded in the warehousing system. That way, faster and accurate delivery of customers’ demands are also met.

But, how can you make use of the S22 industrial computers with 96P series keyboard? Let’s take a look at some of its key features that can enhance your operations below.

IP69K Rating and High NEMA Sealing

The S22 rugged computers have an IP69K rating and high NEMA sealing enclosure. In fact, it has the highest protection available. It can withstand water intrusion, heat, humidity and dust ingress. Thus, the internal component of the system is protected. And, at the same time, this device can perform its function without a system failure.

Compatible to AX3000 Model M85 Thin Client

Designed by AXEL, the AX3000 Model M85 Thin Client is compatible with the S22 rugged industrial PCs. Also, this allows Ethernet TCP/IP and/or wireless connections. It can support both text and graphic interface in any type of operating system. And, this setup allows any operator to manage their specific tasks efficiently.

Wear and Chemical Resistant Overlay

The 96-key industrial keyboard has rugged features as well. It comes with a built-in wear- and chemical-resistant overlay. So, the operations cannot be halted when this keyboard is integrated to S22 panel PCs.

Industrial Keyboard with a Built-In Touchpad

Another feature of the 96P series keyboard is its sealed mechanical keys with a 65 x 50mm touchpad. This also lacks the gaps found between the keys of a regular keyboard making it durable and easy to clean. And it has a high NEMA sealing allowing it to withstand heavy usages in the logistics processes.

Life Expectancy of the Industrial IP67 Keyboard

The 96P series keyboard is an IP67 rated keyboard suitable for industrial applications. It can also withstand continued use compared to other keyboards that have limited life expectancy. In the video below, this keyboard is tested in several key operations until failure. Even after 1,000,000 switch operations, the keyboard continues to be operational.

Improve Your Warehousing Systems in Logistics Today

Rising customers’ expectations is one key driver that can change the warehousing systems. Now, the need to increase its productivity in logistics is required. And that means having a device capable to perform operations in this industry.

Fortunately, the S22 industrial PCs have specifications suitable for warehousing systems. What’s good is that it can also be integrated into the 96-key rugged keyboard. And, with its innumerable capabilities, internal operations in logistics can be fast-tracked.

So, improve your warehousing systems today. Contact us at (+44) 014 3874 7111 to learn more information about our customised solutions.