S17 Linux-Based Panel PC: A Must-Have Industrial PC for Military Hubs

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· The UK’s Ministry of Defence requires to review the military’s cyber security strategies due to its vulnerability from cyber threats or attacks.

· Military computers have special technologies and custom-built applications to meet specific military requirements.

· Designed for military applications, the S17 industrial panel PC can have real-time applications installed on it. At the same time, it ensures that other military applications and information are secured from cyber-attacks.

The British Armed Forces are dependent on utilising advanced computing technologies. Most of its equipment have custom-built applications which offer a variety of functions. But, its internal system has no proven backups.

According to the Common Defence Select Committee, this risk must be addressed urgently. This is also the reason why the UK military system is susceptible from cyber-attacks. Otherwise, the military operations may get compromised [The Guardian]. And, cyber-attacks may cripple the entire military systems in Britain.

So, there should be a right computing technology installed for the UK military. Now, what type of computing device a military should have?

Military computers need to have special technologies to meet specific military requirements. For instance, these computers must bear a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) with a built-in security. This application can offer advanced security features like protecting any information from cyber-attacks.

Furthermore, this software can bring real-time capabilities to Linux-based industrial computers, too. This can be used to gather data from facilities like satellites requiring real-time determination. Also, other military functions can still be performed in a Linux operating system.

To work with these specifications, an industrial panel PC needs to be compatible with a Linux OS. One computer designed for military applications is the S17 rugged industrial PC. It can have real-time applications installed together with other Linux applications. This ensures that any military apps are functional and secured. And, any potential risk such as cyber-attacks may be prevented as well.

Now, can the S17 Linux-based rugged computers offer long-term availability? Can this device improve overall performance of military’s computing system? Learn why these computers are a must-have computing device for the military on this blog.

Military Hubs Using the S17 Linux-Based Panel PCs in the Operations

Military Hubs Must Have the S17 Panel PC with a Linux Operating System

It is a mandatory requirement that a military system must have a built-in security. This is to make sure that any classified information are secured. And, this includes all the connected computing devices in the military command centre.

The S17 rugged industrial PCs can have the preferred requirements for the military. An RTOS software can be installed into its computing system, too. All functions needed for military ops can be performed on this device. This includes software such as security access controls. Hence, the S17 rugged computers can comply with the military’s security standards.

In addition to that, this device has an IP69K rating and high NEMA sealing. Its IP69K rating capabilities can definitely endure any type of military environments. It has a degree of protection against entry of water, dust and dirt. It can also withstand heat, humidity, shocks and vibrations. So, the internal parts of its computing system remain protected. Thus, this device can still perform its function efficiently.

So, how can this rugged industrial computing device different from other devices? What are the other capabilities of this device? Let us review some key features and benefits of this computer below.

Benefits of the S17 Rugged Industrial Computers to Military Hubs

The S17 rugged industrial PCs can provide efficiency in the military industry. Apart from its security features, it has specifications suitable for any computing system. Here are some of its benefits and capabilities that can help in the military processes.

Security Requirements

Technologies that are used for military operations need to have advanced security measures. This is to ensure the integrity of the systems as well as the content. And, specific military applications should be installed to protect classified data.

The S17 rugged computers have better security standards than other industrial-grade computers. A compatible and secure operating system like Linux can be built-in to this device. And, any military application can be integrated into the system.

Ruggedised Features

Amongst the harshest environments can be found in the military operations. But, the S17 industrial panel PCs have ruggedised features. It is enclosed in a NEMA-sealed stainless steel construction frame. And, its internal components are still protected from water and dust. This means that military personnel can utilise this technology even with those risks.

Touchscreen Capabilities

Today, most advanced PCs have touchscreen features. Two of these touchscreen technologies are being utilised by many industries. And, these are the resistive touchscreen and projected capacitive touchscreen.

Both are responsive to touch but each of feature has its limitations. Resistive touchscreen requires more pressure of touch on the screen. Whilst, the projected capacitive touchscreens can respond quickly to touch.

The S17 industrial PCs can be setup with either resistive or capacitive touchscreen. But, the most recommended feature for military PCs is using the capacitive touchscreens. With its quick touch sensors, any military personnel can navigate or prompt the applications easily.

Secure Military Systems with S17 Linux-Based Rugged Computers Today

Using a reliable operating system can offer many advantages to the military. It assures that classified information and data are safe from cyber-attacks. That is why choosing the right industrial computer is needed for military applications.

But, with the S17 industrial panel PCs, the military can have its systems secured. These devices are suitable for a high-threatening environment. And, it has rugged features suitable for military operations.

So, build the S17 rugged industrial computers for military computing solutions today. Call us at (+44) 014 3874 7111 to learn more information about this device.