S17 Panel PCs with Real-Time Operating System Software in the Military

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It is a given fact that the military requires a tough and reliable computing system. This computing technology must be able to withstand harsh environments. And, above all, this equipment must have a viable operating system (OS). This is to secure and protect critical and classified data.

However, the right operating system should also be compatible with an industrial computer. This device must work in the military operations without a system failure.

Fortunately, there is a perfect technology for the military’s complex operations. The S17 touchscreen panel PC can work on different systems. In fact, it is compatible with the most used OS in the military like the Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) software.

But, don’t you know that RTOS can also be installed in S17 industrial PCs? This RTOS software serves as a multitasking system to execute real-time applications. It ensures to achieve a timely & deterministic response to internal or external events.

Now, how essential is the RTOS software for the military? And, how can it be integrated with these industrial computing devices? Read on and know why the military should consider this device.

Why Military Real-Time Operating Systems Need To Have S17 Panel PCs

Why Military Real-Time Operating Systems Need To Have S17 Panel PCs

Actually, there is a demand for advanced computing devices to be used in the military. These panel PCs must also have the specific features needed for the military as well. And, this includes resistance to shock and drop damage, to name a few. Likewise, it must withstand a wide temperature range and perform tough applications.

But, there is an industrial computing solution suitable for the military needs. One of the most recommended devices in many industries is the S17 industrial computers. These devices are designed to work well in various industries. And, that includes the military operations.

In addition to that, it can have the right operating system for any military application. What’s good is that it also supports the most preferred OS for the military. An example of it is the RTOS, which is also compatible with the device.

With this, the military can utilise specific functions of RTOS. At the same time, it can maintain to secure data and classified information.

Understanding the Role of ROTS in the Military Ops

The Real-Time Operating System software has a function to determine and provide quick response to events. Some of the most known RTOS are the Windows CE, LynxOS, Symbian and OS-9.

In fact, this software can be installed in most military computers like the S17 rugged computers. With this setup, the RTOS software can perform its functions on tough applications in the military.

Furthermore, the 17” rugged computers have also the highest protection available. Its IP69K rating proves that it can withstand against liquid substances and solid debris. And, its high NEMA sealing indicates that it is also resistant to heat and humidity.

Now, does this computing equipment provide efficiency and long-term availability for the military? Is it really compatible with the military’s RTOS software? Read on the details further below.

Utilising S17 Rugged Industrial PCs in the Military Operations

Remember the film, “Eye In The Sky” produced by David Lancaster, Colin Firth and Ged Doherty? The film presented how advanced computing devices were used for crucial military ops. Touchscreen PCs were used to control UAVs and monitor the whereabouts of the target.

From that film, these devices could help the military to capture the most wanted criminal. It was also shown how the British General confirmed the possible actions on the mission. Indeed, it was a film that showed how technology was essential in the military missions.

So, what else can it provide? Here are some capabilities of industrial computing devices like the S17 rugged computer.

Compatible with RTOS Application Software

The most used OS in the military is the RTOS. However, the military systems are the most target subject on cyber-hack attacks. And, this may jeopardise critical military intelligence and missions. But, this S17 touchscreen PC can help address this issue.

The S17 touchscreen PCs is compatible with this type of operating system. This ensures that it can meet the preferred requirements for the military. It can also help in supporting to secure data and classified information. Thus, expect that there will be no system failure or security breach.

Capacitive Touchscreen Capabilities

The military has a wide array of applications used in its operations. Its working environment is also challenging. This makes the S17 industrial computers suitable in these conditions.

Also, it has the options to enable its touchscreen capability. The most recommended feature today is the projected capacitive touchscreen technology.

Touch panel PCs with projected capacitance are water-, scratch- and dust-resistant. This makes its internal components to be well-protected.

With its projected capacitive touchscreen, it can have a quick touch sensor ability. So, any military operator can easily navigate an application on the monitor.

Long-Term Availability

A typical computing system can only last a year or two because of its limited life cycle. This is due to the presence of various causes that may damage the system. As a result, the military may need to invest in new computing technology again.

So, why would you spend more where you can save more with the S17 industrial computers? Whereas, having this kind of technology ensures that it provides long-term availability.

Make Data Classified in the Military with S17 Industrial PCs

The military industry is not excluded for the evolution of technology. They are not also immune to cyber-attacks. So, why not invest in the most reliable computing device?

Choose an equipment that can provide both security and reliability. Make use of a device that can be integrated to the military-based operating system. Consider the S17 industrial PCs with real-time operating systems for the military.


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