Add 96-Key Industrial Computer Keyboard To S22 Panel PCs For Logistics

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Finding the right computing equipment for logistics operations is a daunting task. You may find a computing device that can work well in the operations. But, it may not have the capacity to adhere on a harsh working environment.

Of course, it’s quite disappointing to purchase those kinds of panel PC system. But, there is an industrial computing solution suited for your logistics processes. It is the S22 industrial computer that is capable to perform industrial applications. At the same time, it can withstand all types of environments. And, this includes the logistic operations.

In fact, this industrial computing device can be accessorised with the 96P series keyboards. With this industrial keyboard, it is designed to offer compact footprint size. Its standard features of 101/102 PC keyboards are still retained. Also, it comes with a built-in 65 x 50mm touchpad, so using a mouse is not needed anymore.

Now, why add the S22 panel PCs with a rugged industrial keyboard? Read on this blog and you will know why you should opt for this setup in your operations.

Accessorise the S22 Industrial-Grade PCs With 96P Series Keyboards

Accessorise the S22 Industrial-Grade PCs With 96P Series Keyboards

Logistics has three (3) main functions. These functions are the inventory, transportation and warehousing. Each function operates simultaneously to ensure that goods are distributed and stored efficiently [DifferenceBetween].

Since it involves a variety of operations, it also requires the support of an industrial computing device. An industrial PC must be capable of performing all its needed functions on logistics. This ensures that the entire operations are on the right track.

With that, the 22” rugged computers with industrial keyboards can improve the logistics processes. These devices can have a built-in compatible operating system (OS). Any type of application or software can be installed on its system. Thus, the applications used in the logistics can be installed and utilised as well.

Another advantage is that the 96P series keyboards are graded with an IP67 rating. Its internal parts are protected against dust and water immersion. Hence, this rugged keyboard can still work well when faced with those elements.

So, how can these industrial PCs help on the logistics operations? Let’s explore more of its capabilities below.

Capabilities of S22 Industrial Panel PCs with Rugged Keyboards

Do you have plans on improving your operations? Or, are you having a hard time choosing the right device to support the logistics processes?

As an ideal solution for logistics operators, an industrial computer can be integrated into its system. The S22 industrial computing devices are built to withstand any harsh working environment. And, these can also have the 96P series keyboard as an accessory for control functions.

Through these devices, logistics will have efficient and productive operations. Here are some of its impressive capabilities to look into.

Ready For A Tough Work

Logistics has a fast-paced environment. All the goods are on the move from one place to another. So, there is a possibility for heavy objects to collide in the computing system.

But, this S22 panel PC is tough and durable. Its enclosure is graded IP69K rating with high NEMA rating. This means that it can resist dust, liquid spill overs and other fallen debris. So, the internal computing system is protected. Hence, the logistics operations can still continue with its use.

Completely Sealed Rugged Keyboards

Industrial PCs with 96P series keyboards have the highest protection available as well. These devices have a wear and chemical resistant overlay. This makes the ongoing logistics processes not to be halted. So, work productivity is still efficient and progressive.

Customisable Features

This computing equipment is designed to cater all industries. A complicated industry such as logistics has preferred specifications for a computing technology. Fortunately, the S22 industrial computer can be customised according to the needs of the operations. Rest assured that this device will function well in the operations.

Modernise Your Logistics Operations Today

Majority of the logistics companies today are in a fast-paced working environment. That is why it is crucial to invest in industrial computing devices to boost your operations. However, it is also quite a huge investment to make. But, it is also essential to step up to a new level.

By using industrial PCs such as S22 panel computers, it can be a huge advantage. This device can be one of the key solutions to improve your operations efficiency and overall performance. Start by investing in S22 industrial computers today.


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