Setup S17 Industrial Computer and Steel Workstation for Food Processes

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Undoubtedly, the food processing industries have the most challenging environment. For one, operators must be in compliance with the UK food safety standards. Also, all equipment must be in accordance with the Food Standard Agency regulations. And, these include the industrial computing devices.

So, why not consider installing industrial computers to steel workstations? One of these is the S17 rugged client computer which is also used in food manufacturing plants. This type of computing technology can be mounted into a workstation. Also, this device is compatible with any operating system to perform any application. This means that it is ideal for complex applications in the operations.

Also, this industrial PC comes with a tough stainless steel finish. It is designed to withstand the harsh working conditions of these industries. So, its internal parts are well-protected. Thus, it can perform its functions efficiently without a system failure.

Now, what makes the S17 rugged computer stand out amongst other computing devices? And, why it is best to integrate it with a workstation? Know the benefits that the S17 panel PC can bring to these industries on this blog.

Integrate 17” Industrial Computers in Steel Workstations for Food Processes

Why Integrate 17” Industrial Panel PCs in Steel Workstations

Let’s presume your industrial computing device can withstand the harsh working environment. But, can it provide long-term availability and efficiency?

So, as a key solution to this type of environment, the 17” industrial PC can offer all these protection. At the same time, it can also provide impressive features and benefits.

In fact, this device has customisation options to suit the preferences in any processing plant. One example is that food processing plants have a systematic network of processes. For this reason, industrial computers can be customised according to the system requirements. In this way, operators can utilise its full function when this is integrated into the processing system.

Remember, its offered protection is not only on the product itself. But also, its internal work processing system is covered. Rest assured that there will be no system failure in the entire operations of the plant.

Keep reading and learn why it is possible for the S17 industrial computing device to function on these industries.

S17 Industrial Rugged Computers on Food Processing Workstations

Can your industrial computing device in the operations offer protection from the following?

  • Liquid spill overs
  • Heat
  • Chemical substances
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Contamination

Keep in mind that not all industrial computers are created equal. Each device has its own features and limitations. But, the equipment’s capability for food manufacturing must withstand against potential causes. In that way, it can fulfil its functions in the operations.

So, why choose this kind of computing equipment? This is why the S17 rugged industrial computer is also designed to fit a steel workstation. And, using this device can provide the entire operations with a lot of advantages.

It Can Be Easily Integrated

There is no need to make any change in the computer system. For one, it is compatible with any operating system to perform tough applications. And, some of its technical specifications can be customised. Thus, it meets the preferred specifications of a computing technology for the operations.

It Increases Work Productivity

The S17 touch panel PCs have also projected capacitive touchscreen features. This feature has quick touch response sensors as compared to a resistive touchscreen. It does not require too much touch pressure on the screen.

Hence, the user can easily navigate the applications on the touchscreen monitors. And, any user can even utilise the device even when wearing gloves. As a result, the time used for work production is increased due to ease of use.

It Is A Good Investment

Isn’t it frustrating to buy equipment all over again as it can’t withstand certain working conditions?

With the S17 panel PCs, these are built to function for many industrial applications. It can be enclosed in a stainless steel workstation to protect its entire system. Stainless steels are best known for its durability and toughness.

What’s good is that it can still work properly even in harsh environments. So, it saves the time of work production and money for maintenance.

Build the S17 Rugged Computer with a Workstation

Of course, there are a lot of factors to be considered when purchasing such kind of equipment.

But, the 17” rugged computer in a workstation is one of the best options for you to consider. It has the capability to match the preferred specifications for food processing operations.

Remember that you need to improve efficiency and work productivity in the operations. So, make sure you always choose the right equipment.


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