Embed 22” Industrial Computer Monitors to Public Kiosks

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Nowadays, public kiosks are getting its 21st century makeover. This physical gizmo can provide great convenience & ease of use to the general public. And, one best feature integrated to these kiosks is its touchscreen capabilities.

Have you noticed how the general public utilises touchscreen kiosks these days? People tend to use these devices because it can deliver a variety of services. This includes getting information, way-finding, ticket bookings and much more.

But, kiosks are also prone to potential damage and system failure because of its frequent use. Or else, these will fail to perform its several functions.

However, there is an industrial monitor to answer these challenges. Having a 22” industrial computer monitor to kiosks is an ideal solution. It comes with a viable operating system to deliver important functions of a kiosk. Plus, it also features a projected capacitive touchscreen technology.

Now, what makes this S22 industrial PC different from other embedded touchscreen PCs? Know why you must consider this industrial computer monitor for public kiosks.

Opt for S22 Industrial Touchscreen Monitors for Kiosks

Why Opt for S22 Industrial Touchscreen Monitors for Kiosks

Computer monitors are the most used peripherals in public kiosks. People access certain applications on a touchscreen monitor. But, kiosks are also exposed outdoors with an unpredictable weather. As a kiosk manufacturer, you must know the right equipment for your product.

Then, why not choose an industrial computer monitor for outdoor kiosks? One industrial PC suitable for kiosks is the S22 touch panel PC. It can offer durability and long-term availability. It is designed to withstand all types of environment including the outdoors. It is also suited for heavy duty applications such as the complex functions of a kiosk.

Furthermore, the S22 industrial monitors are enclosed in a stainless steel construction frame. This also means that the internal components are well-protected and corrosion-free.

So, rest assured that kiosks will absolutely perform its functions efficiently. But, why choose 22” industrial panel PCs for public kiosks? Let’s check out the top reasons why.

Why Have S22 Industrial PC Monitors for Interactive Kiosks

There may be a lot of industrial panel PC manufacturers that offer the same computing devices. But, the question is, do these devices have the best features for a public kiosk?

Our 22” Industrial PC monitors are built to withstand kiosk’s challenging environment. Here are some of the top reasons why this computing device must be considered for kiosks.

Graded IP69K Rating with High NEMA Sealing

This is the main reason why this computing device is best for public kiosks. The S22 industrial monitor is graded with an IP69K rating. It can resist dust and liquid intrusion. So, the internal components of the system are protected. Hence, the kiosks can be utilised by the general public.

Moreover, it is also NEMA sealed. Thus, the device can also withstand a wide temperature range. It can resist heat or any fallen debris that may damage the system. So, it is ideal for outdoor use like the kiosks.

Built-In Watchdog Timer

Do other industrial computing devices have a Watchdog Timer installed on it? Well, this computing equipment has a built-in Watchdog Timer.

This feature plays an important function in the system. It monitors and records the internal operating conditions of the system. This is to keep its hardware to avoid system failure.

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Feature

Other enclosed computing devices are using other types of touchscreen technology. In fact, the most used touchscreen feature is the resistive touchscreen technology. It is mostly applied on smartphones and televisions. This is because resistive touchscreens are cheap. But, resistive touchscreen PCs don’t have a quick responsive touch sensor.

Good thing, the S22 touch panel PC monitors have projected capacitive touchscreen features. Most industrial computing solutions experts recommend this type of technology. This is simply because it is more responsive to touch and scratch-resistant as well. Therefore, it is just right for public kiosks. Any user can easily navigate the system to access their needed application.

Setup 22” Industrial Monitors for Kiosks Today

In reality, kiosks actually help the people in different ways. It also offers a lot of benefits.

However, the kiosk must also be tough and reliable to perform its functions well. And, choosing our 22” industrial-grade monitors would suffice the needs of a kiosk.

So, setup this industrial computer now and talk to us for a consultation.


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