Setup S17 Touch Panel PC Technology for Aeronautics and Space

Collaborate With 17” Panel PC Technology for Aerospace Industry

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Over the past decades, Britain’s aerospace sector have doubled its turnover in the international market. With the collaboration of the latest technological advancements, installing a 17” panel PC technology can help the space industry to remain robust and advanced.

But, why choose a panel PC? Well, to mention a few, panel PCs are equipped with touchscreen technology which makes it easier and more convenient to perform a certain task. It also comes with an Intel Bay Trail M/D in a 2.0 Quadcore processor. Thus, you can always assure that important data is safe and secured for storing.

That is why who would have thought that the UK’s Space Industry is “punching above its weight” in the global scene.

Setup S17 Touch Panel PC Technology for Aeronautics and Space

Setup S17 Touch Panel PC Technology for Aeronautics and Space

There is an unsung success in the UK’s space industry. Aside from hiring new and talented aero-engineers, there is also a dire need of innovations and the latest technology.

Of course, if you want to compete with other space agencies like in NASA or in Russia and China, setting up the best computing system is one of the most vital components. With its extraordinary features, the future of space exploration is highly achievable. Here are the top reasons why.

The Importance of Computer Panels in Space Industry

The space has unpredictable features and risks. Which is why you need to have an instrument or a tool that would likely adapt in the space environment. We all know that there is zero gravity out there and extreme temperatures are also present.

Hence, you need to setup a system that can withstand both of these factors. May it be in the space environment or manufacturing, this technology must stand out and working without a fail.

Good thing, a computing system with a built-in 17” touch panel PCs is created and it has all the characteristics that a space industry needs.


The manufacturing environment in the space industry consist of high temperatures. There is heat, vacuum, electric power, and unwanted particles. This is also the area where space shuttles, satellites, and other space machineries are made for space deployment.

To achieve accurate data, monitor, and control the entire operation, an embedded computing system is very useful. Regardless of saying, a 17” industrial panel computer has a Watchdog Timer which is capable of performing those functions.

Also, industrial-grade computer panels are built to perform a 24/7 operation and ideal for environments that handle chemicals that could wear and tear any equipment.

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Space and Exploration

When it comes to space exploration, only a high-end technology can endure the space’s erratic environment.

A commercial-grade PC can’t hold too much pressure. But, an embedded panel PC can bear the space environment as it has high IP rating and NEMA sealing. It also comes with a stainless steel finish making it ideal for harsh environments like the space.

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Promote UK Space Industry and Be a Part of Success

To acquire your own computing technology may be a huge investment. But, you can always ensure that it is the best value for your money. Aside from its mentioned features and benefits, you can also build or customise your own computing system.

So, let that day not pass and be a part of the UK Space Industry’s success. Start building your own embedded computing system or contact this manufacturer today.


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