Add Rugged Touch Panel PC Displays For Government Agencies

Integrate S12 Touch Panel PC Displays for an Easy Public Service

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In the UK, how the government is run has no difference from any other government. It is built and organised by a wide range of government agencies in order to provide public service. But, with the advancement of technology, having touch panel PC displays in these various agencies make it easier for them to collaborate work and innovation in one.

So, how does this kind of technology will be utilised for government services? For one, the 12.1” rugged touch panels can collect and store big data. Powered by Intel™ Bay Trail M/D processor, you can always ensure that all of the information will be kept safe and secured.

Needless of saying, it is compatible with any software that protects your system from hacks and breaches. The following details will let you know its beneficial uses in the government.

Add Rugged Touch Panel PC Displays For Government Agencies

Add Rugged Touch Panel Displays for Government Agencies

As a citizen, you would always want a faster and quicker transaction when it comes to processing legal documents through automation in any government agency. Of course, the only way to attain this goal is to invest in technology.

However, there are also certain factors that you must consider. This must be resilient to heavy public use, resistant from liquid spill overs, dust, and others, and its interface must be user-friendly.

So, why not add S12 rugged touch panel displays in the government agencies? The abovementioned factors are the exact characteristics of these devices. Not only that, these are NEMA-sealed with IP68 rating, which means waterproof and heat-resistant as well.

Advantage of Using Touch Panel PCs for Public Services

Government departments and agencies are responsible for putting government policy to practice. In collaboration with rugged PCs, any government practices can earn benefits from it.

Government Departments and Agencies

As what we have mentioned before, 12.1” rugged touch panel PCs have the capacity to collect and store big and useful data. Other than that, a government agency or department can easily access a certain data through installing a computing system that has the capability to transmit data from server to another. Thus, panel devices are built to perform specific function.

With its touch-enabled properties, work productions are also improved and efficient as well. There is also low to no maintenance since it has a low-powered consumption and fanless, meaning there is no moving parts in here.

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Citizen Access and Involvement

Whenever a citizen step in to a particular government agency, typically, they need to start queuing for their turn. But, with a built-in 12.1” touch panel kiosk, all they need to do is enter their details, choose the type of public service they need, take their priority number for the appointment, and wait for their turn to be called but in a more comfortable way.

They don’t have to stay standing for longer hours since their appointment is already being setup. They can just get back later when their time comes.

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Make the Government Work Innovatively

You see, in this world where automation is already present, a big leap should be considered regardless if it’s a government agency or not. But, if you want to provide better and easy public service, wouldn’t it be essential if you invest in these kinds of technology, too?

By knowing these beneficial uses, you can always say that the government is working effectively in a more innovative way. Contact your panel PC supplier today and request for a quotation.


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