Utilise the S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs on ATM Kiosks

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A 17” IP69K Rating Industrial Computer with Projected Capacitance installed on Automated Teller Machine for All Weather Outdoor Environments

Automated teller machines (ATMs) or cash machines are usually placed in outdoor areas. And by that said, these machines can bear varying conditions. For one, there is a frequent and heavy usage of these ATM kiosks.

This only means that its system can function the entire day. So, there is a possibility that ATMs can have a system failure. Because of this, ATMs should have a tough and resilient industrial computer. This is to ensure that it can withstand the harsh environments.

But, what industrial computing device is best suited for these machines? This device should have the preferred specifications and industrial-grade components. And, it can be integrated with the latest system and applications used on the ATMs.

Fortunately, the S17 industrial panel PCs can have the key requirements for these machines. Since ATMs have complicated applications, this device is a perfect computing solution. It comes with a compatible operating system which is ideal for complex applications.

In addition, the S17 industrial PC also features projected capacitive touchscreen technology. It has a touch functionality where users can easily access an application on the ATMs. What’s more, this device is water-, scratch- and dust-resistant. Hence, it can work efficiently when installed in ATM kiosks.

Can this device provide longer lifespan than other industrial computers? Read on and understand why using the S17 industrial panel PCs are best for these kiosks.

Install Cash Machine Kiosks with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

Install Cash Machine Kiosks with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

In the UK, there are around 94% of adults use cash machines [BBC News]. This is equivalent to more than 100 million ATM card users. And, it only means that ATMs are still a part of the British day-to-day lives.

Now, a new trend is also becoming popular in the UK. This is about enabling the ATM users to withdraw money from ATMs without a card. They can use their smartphones through a mobile app to dispense the money.

But how can it be possible?

Of course, this is by installing specific software into the ATM’s system. But, this software can only be installed and utilised in an industrial-grade PC. That is why the S17 industrial PC has the best features for automated teller machines.

It also has a built-in Watchdog Timer. This feature has the capability to monitor, detect and resolve system issues. So, it prevents the device from having a system failure.

Another feature is its IP69K rating and high NEMA sealing. This shows that this device can still function well in various operating conditions. This includes the presence of liquid spill overs, dust, dirt, and other fallen debris. And, it can resist heat, shock, humidity and vibrations. So, its internal system is protected from any external damage.

Those are some of its features to provide long-term availability and reliability on these kiosks. But, what makes the S17 industrial panel PC different from other computers? Let’s have a look.

S17 Industrial PCs with Projected Capacitance for ATM Kiosks

Many industries are now using touchscreen technology. In fact, kiosk industries are amongst the sector that utilises touchscreen features. And, mostly, kiosk manufacturers choose resistive touchscreens because of its affordability.

But, it is recommended to use projected capacitive touchscreens for harsh working conditions. Here are the top reasons why the S17 industrial panel PCs with projected capacitance are best for ATMs.

More Responsive to Touch

Capacitive touchscreens sense conductivity to register input. It doesn’t need touch pressure when accessing an application unto the screen. Hence, it can easily register more input at a time. So, it gives the user to complete an ATM transaction quickly.

Great Durability

This is one advantage of using the S17 industrial PCs with projected capacitance. It can withstand water, heat, dust and dirt. It can even resist smudges and scratches. The internal parts of the device is well-protected. As a result, users can utilise these automated teller machines despite heavy use.

Customisable Options

The S17 rugged industrial computers also have customisable options. Full customisation of case colour and company logo is also available. Other technical specifications are being offered as well. Kiosk manufacturers can have the preferred requirements for a computing system on ATMs. Rest assured that it will provide efficiency and overall performance of these kiosks.

Enhance Touch Functionality of Automated Teller Machines

Cash machine kiosks are recently elevating its ATM functionalities. Not only it will provide online banking services but also ease of use. Now, the general public is getting reliant to technological advancements.

So, use touchscreen PCs with an enhanced touch functionality on ATM kiosks. Choose the S17 rugged industrial computers with projected capacitive touchscreen. Contact us at (+44) 014 3874 7111 for more information on this device.