How Industrial Computers Function on the Steel Casting Processes

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Steel casting is a process that involves the casting of different types of steel into different moulds or shapes. These are performed when cast irons cannot deliver enough strength or shock resistance.

This means that the casting process also bears an extreme environment. The presence of heat, shocks, vibrations, and humidity is all over the workplace. Dust and dirt are also showing its visibility. Thus, all equipment used for casting process is exposed to these kinds of potential risks. And, that includes the computing system.

The role of an industrial computing device in steel operations is vital. It provides accurate data and analysis of a product. In steel casting, these devices can provide the proper method of the operations to produce a high quality output.

So, what kind of computing technology is capable to casting steel products? Fortunately today industrial computing solutions can perform this kind of operation. And, an industrial computer can adhere such kind of harsh environment.

Would you like to know how it works in steel operations? Learn how an industrial panel PC provides efficiency and precision in these processes.

Rugged Industrial Computers on Steel Casting Processes

Steel Casting Operations Using Rugged Industrial Computers

In steel operations, precision and efficiency are the most important factors in production. Steel manufacturers need to ensure that steels are made of high quality and durability.

So, steel factories should utilise computer-aided machines for the operations. These machines can also be integrated into a computing device with specific applications for casting steel products. This industrial-grade computing device must be compatible with these applications as well.

An industrial panel PC can have the preferred requirements for steel manufacturing operations. It can bear a viable operating system where industrial applications can be installed and utilised. And, it has also the capability to withstand an extreme working condition. Hence, steel operators can still perform an operation without worrying a system to fail.

How can an industrial PC withstand harsh environment in steel operations? Let us take a good look to some of its key features.

Steel Manufacturing Industries Utilising Industrial PCs

Technology has changed the nature of steel manufacturing. It enables the manufacturers to speed up their operations and to streamline their processes as well.

What’s great is that technology is also providing a lot of benefits. And, these devices allow them to be more competitive and efficient. Now, here are some of the qualities that industrial computers making these suitable on these operations.


Industrial computing devices are typically enclosed with stainless steel construction frame. In fact, industrial panel PCs have high IP rating and NEMA sealing. So, this device can resist the heat, water intrusions, dust and other potential risks that may hinder the system to operate.


Industrial panel PCs are designed to perform complex and tough applications. Also, these devices have built-in industrial-grade components that can provide long-term availability. And, with these advanced features, an industrial PC can provide reliable performance.

Touchscreen Features

One of the latest technologies that can be installed in industrial PCs is the touchscreen technology. Since this technology provides ease of use, industrial computing devices can be touchscreen-enabled.

Two of the most used touchscreen features can be integrated to these devices. This is the resistive touchscreen and projected capacitance technology. Both have its own touchscreen functionality. But, the most recommended one for steel industry is the projected capacitive touchscreen. For one, it is more responsive and durable than other touchscreens.

Optimise Steel Casting Operations Using Industrial Computers

Today, a lot of computers used for industrial purposes are available online. For steel operations, it would be ideal to consider two factors when choosing a computing system.

One, this device can withstand the harsh environment. And two, it can perform its function efficiently. So, even if, there is a presence of hindrances that may cause the system to function.


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