Food Processing Operations Using S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

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S17 Rugged Industrial Panel PC (IP65/IP68/IP69K) with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen: Best Used for Food Processing Automation and Streamlining Operations

Food industries usually acquire customised machines for food processing. This is to ensure that it has met the specific standards of their facility. And, this includes automating its control systems on the entire operations.

But, the number of consumer demands is also increasing. Food production facilities need to optimise and speed up their production to meet these needs. At the same time, food products should be processed in an efficient manner.

Food production has different layers of unit operations. It requires thorough analysis and proper handling of foods to be packed. Foods processed should be contamination-free and safe for consumption. So, it is right to install an industrial computer for these type of operations.

And, an industrial PC suited for these industries is the S17 industrial panel PC. This industrial computing device can have the features needed for the operations. It is built with industrial-grade components which are designed to perform industrial applications.

Good thing is that it also comes with a projected capacitive touchscreen. Any operator can easily access an application on the screen through light touch. And, they can prompt applications on the computing system amidst the hygienic environment. Hence, operators may be able to utilise this device for an efficient production.

Now, can this computing device withstand the harsh environment in these industries? Read on and learn why the S17 industrial panel PCs are best suited for food factories.

Improve Operations With S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

S17 Panel PCs with Projected Capacitance on Food Processing Operations

Food processing industries have a multi-faceted operation where computing devices are frequently used. Also, its entire chain of operations needs to pass the hygienic working conditions. Liquid spill overs or caustic cleaners are some elements that computers may face. And, these can hinder its computing system to function. So, a device must be tough amidst these potential elements that can damage the system.

Rugged computers like the S17 industrial PCs are best used for these operations. Its built-in Watchdog Timer continually monitors the internal system operating conditions. That way, internal components of the system can avoid unexpected system failures. The Watchdog Timer has also the capability to detect and resolve system issues. Hence, there is no reason to hamper an operation for food processes.

Also, the S17 rugged computers have also an IP69K rating and a high NEMA sealing. These devices have a degree of protection against water intrusion and dust ingress. It can also resist heat, dirt, or any chemical substances that are being used in these processes. This allows the device to function even the presence of these potential risks.

In addition, this computing equipment also has a projected capacitive touchscreen technology. It does not require pressure to touch as it has a high level of touch sensitivity. Hence, any personnel can optimise an operation even when wearing gloves.

With those key features, any application used for food process can be simplified. And, it can speed up the operation because it has the specifications needed for the process.

But, what makes the S17 industrial panel PCs different from other industrial computers? Why opt for a device with a projected capacitive touchscreen technology feature? Let us make a review on some of its features and benefits.

Key Features of S17 Industrial PCs with Projected Capacitance

Most gadgets like smartphones today use a touchscreen with projected capacitance. It allows any device to have better sensitivity, thus allowing users to easily use the device. In fact, this touchscreen technology can also be used in many industrial applications. Here are some features why these touchscreens are best used for industries.

Multi-Touching Capabilities

Projected capacitive touchscreen PCs use a transparent electrode layer. So, it has the capability to detect multiple touch points at the same time. This means it allows any user do multi-touch functions such as gesture touch or pinch to zoom. With this feature, operators can easily zoom in details to analyse a data for quality checks.

High Durability

Touchscreen PCs with projected capacitance are also water-, dust- and scratch-proof. It can resist liquids, surface contaminants and scratches. This makes the S17 touch panel PCs suitable inside the food production facilities. So, amidst these potential elements, the S17 rugged computer can still function. And, the internal components of the system are also protected.

Excellent Image Clarity

The S17 industrial computers are also excellent at an optical property. Its 1280 x 1024 resolution enables the operator to view clearer images of data on the screen. So, any operator can have a clear and extended view of the screen to monitor the entire operational flow.

Modernise Your Food Processing Operations Today

Food processing machinery is getting sophisticated these days. The rise of the automated system is also becoming the new trend in the industry as well. And, by having the latest technology, these industries can upkeep its productivity & efficiency. But, not all industrial computers can be used in these operations.

Now is the time to modernise your food production facilities. With the S17 industrial panel PCs, complex applications can be simplified. Contact us at (+44) 014 3874 7111 to help you build this device in your facility today.