S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC for Optimising Quality Control

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Rugged-Design IP69K Industrial Client Computer with projected capacitance touch surface is the new computing solution for logistics operations and processes. This industrial computing device can help personnel to improve quality checks especially in terms of quality control operations.

Customers’ demands have greatly contributed to the advancements of most logistics companies today. Increasing customer preference is one factor pushing these industries to fast-track their services. Thereby, they optimise their processes through advanced computing technologies.

Advancements like automated systems are now being utilised to improve efficiency and productivity. And, this means it can only work best with an industrial computing device. It must have industrial-grade components where automated applications can be installed. And, any personnel performing Quality Control (QC) can utilise specific functions on it. As a result, multi-faceted processes in logistics can now be streamlined.

So, what industrial computer can be suitable for these processes?

One industrial computing device perfect for these industries is the S17 industrial panel PC. This device can be customised to meet the specific requirements for QC processes. It also features a projected capacitive touchscreen technology. With its touchscreen, it allows any user to easily access the computer applications. Hence, it provides any controller in these processes to have an ease of use.

Now, the entire operations also bear heavy and frequent usage of computers. And, its reliability and long-term availability will be tested. Can this device withstand longer operations inside these working conditions? Keep reading and learn how this device is best utilised in QC processes.

Quality Control Operations Use S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC

How Quality Control Use the S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

In the field of logistics, goods must undergo several quality checks. This includes quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA). Both involve a set of processes to ensuring the quality of a product and control management. And because of this, its processes of ensuring quality products meet customer expectations.

That is why conducting quality control measures is critical in the logistics processes. It enhances efficiency, effectiveness and differentiation of the products all throughout. And, it requires planning and systematic operations prior to delivery. To ensure quality products, these industries use industrial computers to automate QC processes.

But, these operations also use a software or application needed for QC processes. Hence, this industrial PC must have the right specifications and/or processing capabilities. In this setup, the operators can install these applications to aid on these processes.

Fortunately, the S17 rugged industrial panel PCs are best suited for these processes. It comes with a compatible operating system which is designed for industrial applications. So, QC applications can function well on this device once it is installed.

Also, this device has a built-in Watchdog Timer. This feature continually monitors and identifies system issues inside the logistics operations. This also helps resolve the causes that may hinder the computing system to operate. And so, any potential system failure or halting an operation can be prevented.

So, what makes the S17 rugged computers different from other computing devices? Let us take a look at some of its product specifications compared to other devices.

S17 Rugged Computers Versus Other Industrial PCs

Industrial computing devices are built to withstand heavy workloads in these industries. Bear in mind that the logistics operations have layers of internal processes. And, that means an industrial-grade computer must withstand heavy and frequent usage.

So, can these devices provide better features to improve QC operations? Now, let us compare between the S17 rugged computers to other 17” industrial computers.

SpecificationsS17 Rugged Industrial Panel PCsOther 17” Industrial PCs
SystemIntel© Atom D2550 1.86GHz Dual Core / Intel© BayTrail J1900 2.0GHz Quad Core / Intel© Core i7-3610QM 2.30GHz Quad Core17’’ Intel© i5-4460 / Celeron J1900
Protection and SealingIP65 / IP68 / IP69K : NEMA4IP65 : NEMA4
Operating TemperaturePC: -5°C to +45°C cased, -5°C to +50°C bezel Monitor: -10°C to +55°C-10~60°C
Humidity95% non-condensing20~80% RH, non-condensing
Touchscreen FeatureProjected Capacitance (Recommended) or Resistive TouchscreenResistive Touchscreen only
Special FeaturesWatchdog timer
Customisable Options

As you can see, both devices have different specifications. But, the S17 rugged computers have better key features and benefits.

For one, it has a projected capacitive touchscreen technology. Both resistive and capacitive touchscreens are touch functionalities used in many gadgets. But, capacitive touchscreens are recommended for QC operations. This is because its touchscreens are more responsive to touch. And, this feature is also scratch-, water- and dust-resistant. This makes it suitable on these industries.

Another advantage of this device is the protection and sealing. It comes with an IP69K rating with a NEMA4 sealing. It has a degree of protection against high water pressure and dust ingress. This can also resist heat, humidity, shocks and vibrations. So, the internal parts of the system are well-protected. Hence, it can function efficiently even with the presence of these potential risks.

Lastly, the S17 rugged industrial computer has customisable options. Full customisation of the case colour and company logo is available. And, it can also be integrated with the preferred operating system in the agency. With these customisable options, this device is compatible for use on these processes.

Streamline the Logistics Processes for Quality Check Today

With the present demand, the logistics processes will have to adapt on these times. It will involve a complex balancing process for quality management. And, this includes optimising their evaluations and re-planning processes.

Should quality control fails, products can easily break before its warranty period expires. Because of poor quality, these products will have to face a massive recall.

But, when quality work is done right, a positive return on investment can be achieved. By using advanced computing technologies, all these can be done and simplified. And, this makes the entire logistics and quality processes efficient.

So, choose an industrial computing device that can streamline the operations. Install the S17 industrial panel PC with projected capacitive touchscreen today. Let it be the best computing solutions to help on these processes. To learn other specifications using this device, contact us at (+44) 014 3874 7111.