Using a Panel PC as an Axel Thin Client Terminal for Remote Access

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The use of thin clients in various businesses has increased over the last few years. A thin client is a machine that functions as a virtual desktop. It does not have the same components as a typical PC. The role of a thin client is to capitalise on the resources provided by a server. A panel PC working as a thin client can operate remote desktop software or a web browser.

Compared to regular computers, thin client terminals are small devices with fewer parts, meaning that they cost less to purchase and install. Companies using thin client terminals centralise their management so that the risk of compromised security on one terminal is minimal. Thin clients allow the use of remote desktop software, which means that employees have permission to access only the applications they need for their specific duties.

Best Thin Client Terminals

Thin client vendors are numerous and it can be confusing trying to pick the best. Several vendors on the market provide some good quality thin client terminals. Some have niche products such as smartphones, other mobile devices and low-cost PCs that require little maintenance and minimal energy consumption. In the end, it would all depend on the needs of the business.

Axel Terminals

Axel is a thin client vendor that offers terminals for TCP/IP environments. The terminals don’t have an embedded operating system and don’t require local administration. They also offer total virus immunity, effectively reducing risks such as malware damage. Axel terminals are multi-environment, meaning that they can connect to users in different settings.
Two of Axels terminals on the market are the AX 3000 Model 80 and Model 85. These two offer full support text applications and their graphic performance is of good quality. The M85 differs from the M80 by giving an optional wireless interface, which is handy when using a panel PC in an industrial environment.


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