Panel PC Software and Its Various Roles in Different Industries

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Panel computers fulfill different roles in a variety of sectors. Businesses use panel PCs for machine automation, point-of-sale terminals, gaming, point-of- information terminals and control terminals. The applications dictate the components included in a panel PC. When installing a panel computer, one of the features to consider is the operating system.

Panel computers don’t use general purpose OS such as Windows Vista and XP because they are large and use up a lot of power and memory. A Panel PC uses an embedded operating system such as Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded. These OS types have the components that a panel compeer needs to conduct operations. It is why the specific functions of a panel computer will determine the embedded operating system that would be most suitable.

The Use of Older OS

Older operating systems offer more suitability when it comes to running a panel computer. Newer operating systems are configured to carry out numerous functions that modern computing devices have to fulfill. Rugged panel computers, however, have specific tasks to complete. For instance, a machine automation terminal would only need to provide control or factory equipment. Such a machine will need an OS that allows for that. Older operating systems have a lower overhead in terms of power consumption and the hardware needed.

Software Use

When it comes to software solutions of a panel PC, it will also depend on the intended functions. One of the elements to keep in mind is the compatibility. Software must be able to integrate into a panel computer and any other extended systems. It will also matter what type of hardware a certain machine is using.

Customised Software

In some instances, panel computers get customised software for individual applications. For example, a computer for gaming applications will need tailor-made gaming software. Customisation is also done to meet business requirements. If a retail store wants a point-of-sale system to handle inventory as well, then the software used will be tailored for that purpose. Custom software maximises the efficiency and functionality of panel computers.


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