A Quick Look at Operating in Wash Down Areas with Panel PCs

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Technological advances have presented certain advantages to different sectors and companies deem it necessary to adapt to the latest ones. The automation of processes has made it imperative to have computers in factories and other settings. A panel PC is one of the devices that facilitate these processes.

Benefits of Ruggedised Panel Computers

Some of the computers in these industries are located in wash down areas. A wash down area is a section commonly found in sectors such as beverage and food processing, as well as pharmaceutical, where high-pressure cleaning occurs to get rid of bacteria, debris, and dirt. These spaces, therefore, come into contact with water quite often.

If a regular computer runs the wash down area, however, and were to get wet, then it would short out, at best. Machines used in wash down areas therefore have to be able to handle the environment and that is why companies opt for ruggedised panel computers. A panel PC has a watertight casing to prevent penetration. Ruggedised internal components also mean that a computer will not slow down due to the changes in temperature caused by the water. Manufacturers provide panel computers with water ratings of IP65 or IP66 for use in wash down areas.

Use of Watertight Panel Computers

Panel PCs that are waterproof are useful in other sectors as well. Civil engineers that have to work in the field in wet conditions can use watertight panel computers for their operations. The same goes for workers in ocean oil rigs who have to endure storms and constant exposure to moisture. Mounting panel computers in watertight casings prevents them from coming into contact with water, making them safe for industrial use.


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