Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for CCTV Solutions in Logistics

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Logistics and distribution are responsible for delivering a wide variety of goods and stocks to the consumers. This makes them also a target for theft, arson, and other crimes.

Aside from this, most agencies in distribution cannot monitor its operations visually. It may have a warehousing system, but some parts of the operations are needed to be checked manually. So, instead of hiring another staff to inspect a specific area, they install CCTVs to various corners of their operations.

Usually, a Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) is composed of security cameras and a computing system. And, most CCTV installers provide a series of commercial computers. Now, this kind of PC may be reliable for many businesses. Unfortunately, for logistics, it cannot withstand its working conditions.

Logistics has been known for its varying temperature due to different temperature requirements of stocks. This is the reason why most logistics companies install industrial PCs with a projected capacitive touchscreen.

And, with its industrial-grade components, these industrial computing devices are suitable for varying temperatures. Read on this blog to know why it is ideal to use industrial panel PCs with projected capacitance on CCTV systems.

Industrial Panel PCs with Projected Capacitance for CCTV Systems

Why Install Industrial PC Monitors As CCTV Solutions For Logistics?

CCTVs for logistics have advanced monitoring systems to check the internal surrounding of the warehouse and/or distribution facility. This makes the agencies and staffs to maintain its overall productivity and help reduce loses.

In fact, an industrial panel PC with projected capacitance can be utilised as CCTV solutions for logistics. It can have the required specifications needed for a CCTV system to work effectively.

Besides, industrial computers can withstand any potential risks that may hinder a system to operate. At the same time, these devices have water-, dust- and scratch-resistant features. Thus, it can adhere challenging environments like the logistics.

In addition to that, industrial panel PCs with projected capacitive touchscreen have impressive touch functionalities. It allows any operator an ease of use to quickly view clearer image by touching the screens. So, the operator can zoom in or zoom out an image because of its multi-touch functionality.

Logistics can surely benefit from CCTVs integrated with the industrial computers. Let us check out further details of an industrial computing device below.

CCTV Systems with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for Logistics

Commercial-grade PCs can still function as CCTV solutions for logistics. But, such kind of devices cannot provide long-term availability. So, what an industrial PC can offer to logistics and distribution agencies? Learn some of its strengths and capabilities.

Touchscreen Functionalities

One feature that can be setup to an industrial computer is its touchscreen functionalities. Projected capacitive touchscreen PCs are more responsive to touch compared to other types of touchscreen technologies. Common gestures such as swiping and pinching to view a clearer image can be performed on the touchscreen display.

Durable and Tough

Logistics and distribution agencies have a varying temperature. This is because every stock has different temperature required for storing. Other enclosed PCs may not be able to withstand too much cold or too much heat. As a result, some of its functions may also be paralysed. This goes the same for a CCTV to potentially malfunction in these changing temperatures. Thus, it will be unable to deliver real-time data images.

But, industrial panel PCs with projected capacitance are durable and tough. It is designed to fit any type of working environment. It can resist dust and water ingress, moist, scratch and dirt. And, it is also vandal-resistant. So, the CCTV can deliver accurate data images, regardless of environment, it is installed.

High Definition Resolution Displays

Industrial touchscreen PCs are also made with high definition resolution displays. Any user can see clear images on the screen even when there is a lack or poor lighting. So, whether the CCTV main room has sufficient or lacks the amount of light, the industrial PC can still show clear images.

Build CCTV Solutions Using Industrial Computers with Projected Capacitance

Adding a security and surveillance system in various logistics agencies is a dire need. It enables the agencies to record and monitor its working operations.

So, as a CCTV provider for logistics, it would be ideal to give them a reliable system. And, with high quality CCTV systems, every single scenario can be visualised in real-time.


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