Air Cargo Services Can Utilise Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

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Over the last decades, the air cargo and freight services industry has been trying to keep its pace in terms of digital capabilities in the operations. This also gives them the challenge to reduce the potential risk of deviation in the quality of handling.

But with the help of technology, this industry has improved its handling services and global consistency. By using a specific application, cargo operations are now streamlined with efficient services.

Such application has complex operations where it requires an industrial computer capable of gathering and transmitting real-time data. This is to ensure that all cargos loaded will be transported to the right destination.

So, for these cargo operations, industrial panel PC can perform tough applications with its reliable system processor. Hence, data collection and analysis will be performed well in this computing equipment.

In addition to that, industrial computing devices feature a touchscreen technology with projected capacitance. Operators can touch the assigned icon of an application on the screen. Thus, it provides the operator an ease of use. Get to know other information on this blog about how projected capacitive touchscreen PCs can be best used for these industries.

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs For Air Cargo and Freight Services

Panel PCs with Projected Capacitance Used On Air Cargo and Freight Services

Cargo operations are performed at various airports all over the world. The industry’s operations involve being labour intensive, fast-paced and operate on a 24/7 schedule. And, all equipment used must perform efficiently despite these challenges.

To make these operations streamlined, a specific cargo management application is integrated with the computing system. This is to make sure that all goods should undergo the right processes simultaneously. From unloading cargos from aircraft to conveyor belts, every detail is checked and recorded. And, only an industrial PC can perform the operations effectively.

Also, industrial computing devices can help in speeding up a cargo handling process. Another feature is its projected capacitive touchscreen allowing any operator to use the device by simply touching the screen.

Because industrial computers have long-term availability, using these computers are ideal for cargo services. These devices are made up of industrial-grade components that can withstand any types of working environment.

And, even with the presence of moist, dust, liquid spill overs and other particles within the workplace, industrial computing devices can work. Now, let us explore some of its key features further below.

Optimising Air Cargo Operations Using Industrial Panel PCs

As you can see, cargo services are not just merely transporting goods from one place to another. It also requires proper documentation of the goods and checking its quality conditions. Note that all these operations are performed 24/7.

Definitely, industrial PCs can withstand the different tasks performed on these working conditions. Take a look at some of the key features of industrial computers suitable for these operations.


Majority of the cargo services are composed of data collection, analysis, and transmittal. So, it should have a reliable computing system.

Industrial computers have a compatible operating system for these operations. These devices can gather, analyse and send data from one server to another system. And, these computers can be easily integrated with the existing system of the operations.


Industrial computing devices have also the highest protection available for a device. It has an IP rating up to IP69K with a NEMA sealing to 4th degree. This means that these rugged computers can resist heat, water, dust, and moisture. But, at the same time, it can perform its functions effectively.

Touchscreen Functionality

Aside from its ruggedised features, an industrial PC can have a projected capacitive touchscreen feature. With this type of touchscreen, the screen monitor will have multi-touch functionalities allowing any operator to perform common gestures. This includes swiping, pinching and zooming in or out. So, operators of this device can easily navigate an application by touching the icon unto the screen.

Install Industrial PCs for an Improved Cargo Handling Processes

Certainly, technological advancements have helped many industries in improving its operations by using industrial panel PCs. And, this includes air cargo and freight services. With its multifaceted network of operations, installing projected capacitive touchscreen PCs can be a great option.


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