Advancing to Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for BOF Steel Making

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At present, an integrated approach and optimisation in the automated systems have helped steel plants’ operations. It allows the manufacturers to achieve its goals in terms of quality production and cost control.

With its recent technological advancements, the Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) steel making processes have also upgraded its system. This is to have a continuous efficiency and precision in steel production.

Now, this advanced process of BOF steel making requires an advanced computing system as well. It must bear a compatible system processor to ensure that the process can work well. And, this equipment must have the capability to withstand steel plant’s harsh environment.

For this type of operations, an industrial computer is used with specific requirements. In addition to that, industrial panel PCs can have a projected capacitive touchscreen technology. With this touchscreen feature, any operator can easily touch the application on the screen monitor. Thus, it provides an ease of use to the operator.

But, what are other capabilities available to a device with projected capacitance for these operations? On this blog, learn how an industrial computer with projected capacitance can be utilised in these industrial processes.

Using Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs in the BOF Steel Operations

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs Used On BOF Steel Operations

Many steel industries use the BOF steel making processes to enable manufacturers efficiently provide high quality steel products. At the same time, steel suppliers can now meet the demands of the international market.

But, as the number of demands arises, the need to adapt a new technology is also crucial in the operation. That is why the BOF has integrated its process to automated systems. However, such kind of operation must be installed in advanced computing systems.

Because of this, industrial computing devices are suitable for these processes. And now, industrial computers can have a projected capacitive touchscreen technology. Its impressive touchscreen functionalities allow the user can easily navigate the system on the screen. Hence, the steel manufacturing operations can be streamlined.

In addition, industrial panel PCs are also water-, dust- and scratch-resistant. The internal parts of the device are well-protected. But, industrial computing devices can perform its functions effectively in steel operations.

What benefits can these computers provide to steel manufacturing factories using the BOF process? Let us discuss its further details below.

Optimising BOF Steel Operations with Touchscreen Industrial Computers

Automated systems in the BOF process can enhance the overall productivity of the operations. Having a compatible computing device in these industries can also ensure that every application rendered are precise and efficient. And, the benefits of utilising industrial PCs can provide remarkable advantages to these operations.

Effective Process Analysis

One of the most important factors to manufacture high quality steel is precision in terms of processes. But, the operations can only be accurate if effective process analysis is performed.

Now, an industrial PC is built with a compatible operating system and tough motherboard processor. It has the capability to gather, transmit, and analyse important data for processing. So, expect that the data within the system are reliable enough in order to produce finest steel products.

Standard Operational Practices

An operation can only be efficient if the right processes are involved. With the recent industrial developments, industrial PCs can have a projected capacitive touchscreen. Each application can be seen clearly on the screen monitor with an assigned icon. Operators can simply touch the assigned icon of the application to perform a process. Since the input data in the system is efficiently analysed, the process is also standardised.

Reliable Device for Extreme Working Condition

Steel operations are known for its extreme environment. Not only operators are exposed to different elements but all equipment used as well. This equipment will be prone to damage caused by extreme heat, dust, dirt, and other debris.

But, industrial panel PCs are made of industrial-grade components. It is enclosed in a stainless steel construction frame, NEMA sealed. Thus, it has the highest protection available. So, it can perform its functions well even in harsh conditions.

Streamline BOF Steel Making Operations Using Industrial PCs

Indeed, the rise of automation has triggered the steel industries to upgrade its existing processes like BOF. As such, industrial computers enable operators to control and optimise the processes inside the steel factory.

Not only will these industrial computing devices improve the efficiency of the entire operations, but also the quality of steel. Hence, with a compatible computing system, optimising the steel manufacturing processes will be achieved.


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