Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Displays For Industrial Robots Manufacturing And Production

Foster S12 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Displays for Robotics

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One of the main drivers in the UK robotics is the automotive industry, which is currently improving its investments in 2015. Although the robotics industry in the UK is not as profitable as China, it remains robust and competitive. Which is why projected capacitive touchscreen (PCAP) displays are also in demand for robotics operations and manufacturing.

Engineered to work in any extreme environment over a wide temperature range with its multi-touch capabilities, there is no reason why the robotics will not utilise the PCAP technology. After all, robotics and touch technology have a similar purpose which is to provide ease of use and efficient productivity.

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Displays For Industrial Robots Manufacturing And Production

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Displays for Industrial Robots Manufacturing and Production

When it comes to innovation, UK never misses a thing. Even in the field of robotics, they remain to be competitive and tough.

Despite the Brexit controversy, UK continues to prove their worth as one of the leading providers of robotic products. To further improve their production, the robotics industry utilises one of their own technology, which is the 12.1” industrial-grade touch panels.

Take note, it’s a collaborative computing system designed to perform a single function through installing a specific software application. Therefore, it is a perfect fit for producing and manufacturing industrial robots.

You might ask what particular operating system S12 are optimised or why can’t we just use commercial-grade computers? Well, let us evaluate the field of the robotics industry.

Invading the Robotics Operating System

Actually, there are two main factors on how an industrial robot is made, which is accuracy and reliability. Accurate in terms of replicating human notions and reliability in terms of an application when deployed in various industries.


Let’s start with the designing process. Just like any other tool, industrial robots undergo a design phase. In this phase, a design must include factors such as a job to be performed, speed in operation, environment of operation, human involvement, controller capability and results of failures.

Now, this phase alone is complex. It requires gathering more information and analysis. But, with a 12.1” rugged touch-enabled panels, you can easily collect and store data. It also has the capability to analyse and transmit data to produce a high-quality industrial robot in the manufacturing process.

How can an S12 PCAP monitor do that? Keep in mind that projected capacitive touchscreen panels come with an Intel Bay Trail-M/D in a 2.0 GHz Quadcore processor motherboard, which is designed and compatible to perform industrial applications such as designing process. By installing a specific software, you can now utilise an S12 PCAP monitor for the designing phase.


In the manufacturing process, products must have quality control. From size to shapes to forms to its job specifications and features, the entire system must be on the same page. Good thing, 12.1” industrial PCAP monitors has a built-in Watchdog timer. It can monitor, login and control the manufacturing operations.

Of course, there are also other challenges as manufacturing is susceptible to liquid spillovers, humidity, shock, moist, heat, dust, and other particles. But, worry no more since PCAP monitors are NEMA sealed with an IP68 rating.

Take a Chance and Consult a PCAP Expert Now

So, what else are you looking for? This kind of technology is simply an all-in-one package. Clearly, a system that is equipped with projected capacitive touchscreen technology performs better functions and produce an efficiency that’s above your expectation.

An industry like yours always require the latest innovations to build an upbeat future. Thus, don’t miss that opportunity to be one of the leading providers in the UK robotics industry. Consult a PCAP expert today.


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