Add Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Panels for Industrial Designing

22” Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Panels for Industrial Design

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Industries like automotive, manufacturing, food processing, maritime and amongst others cannot elevate their performance without the hardwork and expertise of industrial designers. But, of course, it would be advantageous if they use projected capacitive touchscreen (PCAP) monitors for design applications.

Most likely, you would consider commercial-grade computers as it is way cheaper than industrial-grade touch panels. What you didn’t know is that commercial PCs have limited features and benefits whilst, PCAPs are resilient and built to perform harsh working environment.

Add Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Panels for Industrial Designing

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Technologies in Industrial Design Services

It is clear that industrial designers create, develop, and optimise products or systems for the mutual benefit of the manufacturer and the user as well. Plus, working in an industry with multi-disciplinary groups is a serious business and there is only one word that best describes it: perfection.

So, when it comes to perfection, setting up a PCAP technology in your system is the key as it is designed to perform specific functions through installing an industrial software application.

Also, S22 PCAP devices are capable to gather, analyse, and synthesise data which is guided by the client or manufacturer. Now, let’s take a glance on how PCAPs are utilised in the industrial design services.

Industrial Design and Touch Technology in a Glance

So, how do industrial designers really perform?


This starts with an idea where a simple line of work is drawn to externalise thoughts quickly. Once they have studied and analysed the idea, recording the sketches is next for future references. Afterwards, designers get into fine details of the product or system.

In this phase, you will realise that sketching on a piece of tracing paper might be messy. Whereas, a system that is powered by PCAP technology, designers can just sketch their ideas on the monitor and, at the same time, save it on the system. By the time, you need more enhancements, designers can easily find these files.

Prior to that, 22” industrial touch panels are compatible to work with hands, gloves or stylus pens. These are also resistant to any liquid spill-overs, dust, heat, moist, humidity, shock, and other fallen debris.

Scenario and Storyboard Presentation

In scenario and storyboard presentation phase, designers must describe interactions between the user and product based on its purpose. Layout rendering, diagram, and a detailed drawing must be put in place as well.

With a touch-enabled computing system, a presentation is made easier as 22” projected capacitive touchscreen monitors can transmit data and organise the entire concept of the designed product.

What’s more, presentation becomes comprehensive to your clients or manufacturers since capacitive touchscreens also feature 1920 x 1080 resolutions. Thus, it provides clear and precise images.

Explore the Possibilities of Advanced Designing

A commercial computer may offer you several benefits such as cost and availability. But, it also gives you a lot of setbacks. It is not designed for long-term availability and not even built to perform extreme working conditions.

Whilst it is true that acquiring a projected capacitive touchscreen technology is a huge investment, you can always assure that it is meant to perform exceptional quality and ideal for tough applications in industrial design services.

So, why not explore these possibilities of advanced designing and be innovative. Contact a PCAP manufacturer today.


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