Fundamentals of Technical Support Options in the Most Crucial Industries

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Customer interactions have radically changed. In less than 20 years, most customers who have issues with their computer devices need to visit its designated support centre for product returns. And often, the issue is not resolved on the spot. Today, transactions are done through the line-to-line communication with the help of a customer care or support specialist. Thanks to the …

Framework of Integrating Industrial Workstations in Heavy-Duty Locations

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Efficient large-scale manufacturing became possible whilst military and aviation operations have also become more advanced. Thanks to technological advancements, it opened up opportunities for innovation and dynamic strategies. Likewise, this also provided industry key players with a competitive edge through further optimisation of their operations. But, as higher demand and more stringent regulations shape the manufacturing and military industries, operatives …

An Introduction to Industrial Pointing Devices and its Main Functions

All Things About Industrial Pointing Devices Every Industry Needs To Know

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Unsurprisingly, modern industrial applications are being implemented in various industry sectors. Take, for example, the food industry uses conveyor belts controlled by advanced computing equipment for large-scale operations. Distribution agencies, such as Amazon, take advantage of warehouse robots for logistics applications. Although each of this industry has different applications, it all has one purpose; to maximise its productivity. This is …

Complete Buyer’s Guide to Industrial Keyboards for Computing Solutions

Complete Buyer’s Guide to Industrial Keyboards for Computing Solutions

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Over the years, technological advancements have drastically evolved. Not only has it improved day-to-day life, but also, different industries experienced more efficient production. As a result, there is massive production to cater to product demand whilst maintaining quality and occupational safety. That is why equipment manufacturers provide a variety of industrial-grade components and peripherals to further enhance specific operations. Industries …

How Military Can Make Logistics Ops Better with Industrial Workstation

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Over the last decades, thedefencelogistics in the military continues to adopt technological advancementsto streamline its operations.This isto ensure that mission-critical data is delivered to the authorised personnel. That is whythe militarylogistics management utilises a network-centric computing platform for a more efficient information flow. However, the military can make the logistics operation betterbyusing an industrial-grade workstation for panel PCs. It is …

3 Factors Why the Military Must Use 72-Key Industrial Keyboards

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Ruggedisedcomputers can be easily used in a harsh working environment and extreme temperature. In fact, these types of devices are being utilised in military operations. This is because it is designed to be more durable to withstand rough handling and severe wear-and-tear. But,whilst it is true that these computing systems may work effectively, maintaining a military operation is also tough. …

Simplified Military Logistics Operations Using Industrial PC Workstations

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Essentially, military logistics is a system that supports various military activities [NATO]. Logistics operators must have the capability to quickly provide the materials to guarantee operational success. That is why utilising advanced computing devices are essential to monitor military activities and equipment. However, given the fact that military activities operate under extreme work environments, it would be ideal to integrate …

Effective Military Peace Operations for Extreme Work Environment

Embedded PCs with Built-in Industrial Keyboards for Military Applications

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Every military operation requires efficient, tactical, and precise execution. In times of peace, military forces participate in peace support operations (formerly military operations other than war) [Joint Doctrine for MOOTW]. This operation involves gathering information by using all available resources which includes the use of advanced computing equipment with compatible keyboards. Moreover, the military-grade industrial keyboards, along with ruggedised PCs, …

Navigating S12 Industrial PCs as Logistics Solutions for The Military

S12 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC: The Answer to Military Logistics

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Successful military operations rely on quick and precise logistics support. Advanced computing devices are used to monitor the military logistics inventory and supply flow efficiently. The 12.1” Panel PC with integrated projected capacitance can function optimally despite harsh environments where military ops take place. Military logistics is more than just supply lines and taking the needs of the military forces. …

Employing 22” Embedded PCs To Military Drones Control Station

Custom-Configured S22 Industrial Computers for UAV Command Centre

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Military prefer UAVs, which are capable of flying unmanned and undetectable to radars. UAV command centre uses a custom-configured industrial computer system, ensuring the capability to control drones on a mission. Rackmount S22 industrial PCs is an all-in-one computing solutions to elevate military UAV ground control operations. In the past, military operations used a Stealth technology when it comes to …