Why an Industrial Computer is Built To Last

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Various sectors prefer industrial PCs because of their durability. The mechanical build of industrial PCs is what allows them to last for a long time. Industrial computers differ from their standard counterparts mostly in the hardware. The internal components in these machines are of industrial grade quality. From the battery to the hard disk, industrial computers have the capability to function for years before needing replacement.

Rugged computers also have ingress protection and thermal management, which allows them to work for a long time in difficult conditions. The ability of industrial PCs to work with embedded systems is another construction characteristic that makes them durable. Some systems can function on the same machine for over ten years. Components in industrial computers are installed in such a way that they stay intact even after long periods of moving around.

Materials Used

The materials utilised in the construction of industrial PCs give them a longer lifespan. Compared to a personal PC, an industrial computer can be made from high-grade steel and aluminum. These are materials that can withstand harsh conditions for a long time without degrading. Aluminum alloy is suitable for casing because it is strong and can withstand shock and vibrations.

Similarity with Personal PCs

When it comes to performance, an industrial PC and a personal PC are essentially the same. The internal components in an industrial computer are similar to those of a standard personal PC. These include RAM, processor, and interface ports. Industrial PCs can be used with customised OS to suit certain functions.

Sectors that Use Industrial PCs

Even with the similarities between industrial and personal PCs, some industries still prefer the former. In the marine sector, industrial or rugged computers are suitable to use in different water vessels such as ships and submarines. In engineering, rugged computers make it easier to work in harsh environments like construction sites. Oil and gas operations also make use of rugged systems for some automated processes. Industrial computers are also suitable for manufacturing plants for general automation. The medical sector likewise uses industrial computers in laboratory works, pharmacy, and surgery.


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