Touch Panel Industry News: Faster Processors in the Latest Panel PCs

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Faster and more powerful processor hardware is now emerging in the latest models of panel PCs. Processor type and specifications are a vital consideration for optimum functionality of a computer system.
Here, we review how recent technical advancements in the touch panel industry have led to faster processors in panel PCs.

Benefits offered by faster processors

High specification processors can be considered as a powerful engine to drive panel PCs.

The right hardware provides the best performance for intensive applications, such as when controlling, operating, and monitoring machinery in real time.

Additionally, the latest generation of high-performance processors is energy efficient and offers flexible expansion options for future upgrades.

Types of faster processors

Intel processor hardware is considered the market leader, with nomenclature such as Bay Trail and Sandy Bridge to denominate the hardware generation.

Other brands include Atom, Celeron or Core™. Currently, processor performance speeds of 2 to 3 Gigahertz are available in medium range systems and upwards.

For panel PCs that feature express chipsets with hyper-threading technology, Haswell processors and quad-core architecture provide the highest levels of performance.

How to choose the right processor for a panel PC

Best practice focuses on matching hardware to the project, not the other way around.

HD graphics and real-time high-speed data handling characteristically require high specification processors and quad-core chips are more powerful for intensive tasks.

Conversely, less demanding applications such as data acquisition or sales order processing call for adequate processing power, but may not necessarily require the extra capital outlay associated with a top-of-the-range CPU.

Additionally, as there are different types of socket, it is essential to ensure that the processor is compatible with the panel PC motherboard.

It’s a good thing an experienced consultant will be able to offer guidance with the processor options and selecting a quality supplier.


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