Maintenance Costs and Expected Lifespan of a Rugged Touch Panel PC

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Industrial computers can handle all the operations that regular personal computers can. So, what makes industrial PCs durable and suitable for harsh environments?
For one, rugged panel PCs are made with industrial grade materials that have the capacity to withstand the toughest settings and use. Secondly, the build of an industrial PC is such that it keeps out harmful particulates from internal components.

With a metal casing, framing, and sometimes enclosure, dust and dirt don’t have the opportunity to contaminate computer parts. Due to the level of protection of industrial computers, they last longer than personal PCs.

Cost of Using Regular PCs

Personal computers are sometimes used in industrial settings, but the costs are usually high.

It is true that regular computers are affordable to invest in particularly for a startup business; however, other costs come up during the period of use. Constant repairs are the greatest sources of expenses when utilising regular PCs for industrial work.

Due to the environmental conditions, a conventional PC will experience wear and tear at a very fast rate. A company may have to get new computers every year.

Cost of Using Rugged PCs

In comparison, a rugged touch panel PC will last longer because it is meant for an industrial environment. Besides the build and material, a rugged PC can be installed with an embedded OS to run dedicated functions.

It means that a company will spend less money upgrading applications. Workers will also have increased productivity because devices have customised applications.

Maintenance needs are very minimal, and there are no expensive repairs in the long run. Even with the initial cost of purchasing a rugged PC, it more than pays for itself.

Need for Maintenance

Industrial computers usually have to work non-stop. A rugged touch panel PC can last for up to five years with the right maintenance.

It is essential to keep a rugged PC well maintained to capitalise on its durability. Cleaning it regularly will remove dust that may accumulate on the casing and peripherals.

Getting the right enclosure or mounting system also provides ample protection for industrial computers.


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