Recognising The Role Of Panel PC In Customs Services

Take Advantage of a Touch Panel PC for a Reliable Customs Service

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A customs duty is to impose tariffs or taxes on goods when imported across the borders. Since the purpose of customs duty is to protect each country’s interest, optimising an embedded panel PC is helpful for a reliable customs service.

So, how PC enclosures are utilised in the customs industry? Read on and know an embedded panel device can maximise the efficiency of customs services.

Recognising The Role Of Panel PC In Customs Services

Why Use Panel PCs for Customs Industry?

Controlling the flow of goods, especially the restricted and prohibited goods, into and out of the country is a crucial task for customs industry. Without the help of technology, it would be impossible to track or monitor them all.

Installing a 22” Rugged Industrial Client Computer integrated with projected capacitive touchscreen (PCAPs) technology gives you a better view of the goods. Not only that, PCAPs also give more functionality with performance quality.

Recognising the Role of Rugged Touch Panels in Customs Services

Do you want to know what a panel computer can do? Here are some of the important role of embedded computing system for customs industry.

Whether it is within the EU or outside the EU, the role of embedded technologies are needed.

For Classification of Goods

When you move or receive commodities, this must undergo classifications of goods first to identify how much is the tariff and VAT rates. Hence, it must undergo X-ray scanning through the use of embedded panel computers.

Although a commercial-grade can complete such task but industrial-grade computers can perform better.

Why? This is simply because a PC panel is built with exceptional functionality such as watchdog timers to monitor, log and classify the goods even in harsh environment. Say, a 22” Rugged Panel Computer has a wide temperature range.

For Transporting of Goods

Once goods are classified and paid the equivalent tariffs and VAT rates, transporting of goods is the next process. Regardless if it is for shipping or courier flight, it is best to install an embedded panel computer in the transporting area.

With the help of panel devices, transporting the goods can be monitored, delivered to its destination, and control the entire customs service operation.

For Receiving Non-EU Commodities

Non-EU commodities should go through classification process first using an X-ray scanner to determine whether the goods are prohibited, restricted, contraband, or taxable.

With a 22” Rugged Industrial Panel PC, you can even have a closer and better look of these non-EU commodities as well. It comes with Intel BayTrail-M/D 2.0GHz Quad Core processor motherboard and LED backlit display to provide performance quality with low power consumption.

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You see, customs service and operations are made easier with such kind of technology. All of these perks can be achieved in no time.

What’s more, you are entitled to request a custom-made panel device technology. Features included such as NEMA4 and IP65 rating seal with industrial-grade components, touchscreen with VESA mount options and it is stainless steel finish.

So, build your own industrial-grade panel device for customs operations and services.


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