S12 Rugged Panel PC: An All-in-One Device for Food Packaging Processes

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Food packaging is a dynamic and fast-paced working environment. Its processes must be co-ordinated to prevent food products from spoilage and contamination. Which means that, the right application must be also installed.

So, having an advanced computing system is critical for these food packaging processes. Definitely, it must be compatible with the applications used in processes and operations.

Good news is that we have designed our 12.1” rugged panel PC to perform in these working conditions. It is built to withstand a wide range of temperature. At the same time, it provides your operations with efficiency and productivity. It is an all-in-one embedded PC which will definitely fit food packaging operations.

How S12 Panel PCs Drive Better Operations in Food Packaging

How 12.1” Computer Panels Help Operations in Food Packaging

Food packaging operations function a specific software or application in a computing system. An industrial PC must, therefore, meet the specifications of this application to operate.

Like our 12.1 industrial touch panels, it is powered by Intel™ making it compatible any system. It also comes with a Watchdog Timer which can monitor, login, and control the entire operation.

As a result, targeted production and efficacy of the processes are also achieved. But, what makes our embedded panel PCs exceptional from other products?

Determining the Right Embedded System for Food Packaging Processes

Most food processing plants use Biaxially Oriented PolyPropylene (BOPP) Films for packaging. It is a film that has been stretched using cross direction technique. Its attributes provide a lot of benefits as it is environment-friendly. It prevents food products from damage during transport as well.

But, BBOP films application have also drawbacks. If the BBOP films are incorrectly produced, food products might be put to waste. Foods packed might get damaged even before the transport. Or, it may even lead to food contamination. That is why industrial PCs are essential when operating these packaging processes.

Let us take a look at the product specifications of our 12.1 Embedded Touch Panels and other PC enclosures.

12.1” Rugged Panel PCsOther 12” Panel Computing Devices
Intel BayTrail J1900 2.0GHz Quad CoreIntel Atom D525 processor
Stainless Steel constructionAluminium alloy frame
Capacitive5 Wire resistive touchscreen
Wall / Desk / PedestalMultiple mounting options
High IP and NEMA sealingIP64

Quick Analysis

As you can see, both of these products are Intel-based computers. But, our recommended computer panels have a Quad core processor. It can store huge amount of data which can be a usable information during the food packaging process. Actually, Intel-based computers have several functions to the system. It has the capability to collect, store, analyse, and transfer data to the operations’ system.

Other panel devices use an aluminium alloy frame. But, the S12 panel PC is enclosed with a stainless steel frame. Which also means, it is more protected from any possible intrusion of heat, water or fallen debris.

Plus, it has a high IP rating and NEMA sealing when compared to IP64. Thus, it is ideal for frequent consumption like in food packaging operations.

Innovate Your Food Packaging Operations

Of course, this kind of investment might be overwhelming because it is quite huge. That is why we provide a standard warranty of 3 years to all our panel devices. And, it has an extendable option of up to 5 years. This is to provide regular monitoring and ensure that of our products perform well.

Build your S12 capacitive touchscreen PC to improve your food packaging operations today.


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