Industry Challenges that Industrial Computer Manufacturers Help Solve

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Just like offices, the industrial sector needs computers, but the harsh conditions present in most of these settings require a different machine design.
In industrial surroundings, computers have to combat dust, chemical exposure, moisture, extreme temperatures, vibrations and shock. One design aspect of industrial PC applied in these cases is ruggedness.

Industrial computer manufacturers include ingress protection in products for protection against dust and liquid penetration. There is also the inclusion of casings that are engineered to last long and withstand substantial abuse.

Display monitors are ruggedised to ensure that they can operate under industrial conditions. Technologies such as venting systems and onboard heaters are also included in the design.

High Temperatures

Computers that are used in industrial settings have to meet high operating and storage temperatures.

Some of the functions that industrial computers have to fulfill are extensive; and therefore, demand a lot. In such instances, a machine has to work very hard to accomplish specific tasks, which can lead to heating problems.

Industrial computer manufacturers construct PCs with additional cooling or seek alternative cooling techniques to ensure that machines maintain optimal performances even when temperatures are high.

The storage temperature can also exceed recommendations, leading to the same problem. For instance, a factory that consists of a furnace will pose overheating risks for a computer.

Power Surges

Another design consideration for industrial computers is the threat of power surges.

Regular exposure to power surges affects the performance and durability of a computer adversely. Depending on how extreme a surge is, it can fry the internal components of a computer.

Power surges are also hazardous to computer operators, particularly in a factory. The use of UPS in industrial PCs ensures the containment of this threat.

Vibration and Shock

Vibration and shock in industrial settings need to be factored in during the design of computers.

Some applications demand the use of heavy machinery, which in turn results in vibrations that can wreak havoc on computer parts.

Movable features such as hard drives and fans are the most affected and that is why industrial computer manufacturers replace these components with more appropriate alternatives.


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