Computer Manufacturers: Reducing Noise from Embedded Computer Systems

Richard B.Industrial Computer

After fulfilling the need to access computing devices and improved performance, consumers now focus on more intricate details such as noise reduction.
Users have noticed that computers are sources of noise that add to the many disturbing sounds already present in everyday surroundings. It is why manufacturers of embedded computer systems work to produce less noisy products to suit different environments.

With the use of industrial PCs for indoor applications, it is necessary for manufacturers to consider what noise levels are acceptable.

Coming up with the ideal standards for indoor noise levels can be difficult because the human perception of sound in subjective as is the effect of noise. But 35dBA is used as the sound quality standard when manufacturing computers for indoors use.

Noisy Parts

Some components in an industrial computer are responsible for the noise levels experienced during operations.

A majority of the noises are usually from fans with the levels going up to 70 or 80dBA in high-performance machines.

Other components that may be causing the noise from an industrial computer include the power supply, hard drive and speakers.

Regulating Fan Speeds

One way that industrial computer manufacturers mitigate noise levels is by modifying the rotational speeds of fans.

Usually, computer fans run at a flat speed immediately a machine turns on, and that is one reason they create a lot of noise.

It is, however, possible to regulate such sounds without compromising the cooling function of fans. It works by manufacturers setting specific noise levels and then tweaking the speed of fans to correspond to the target values.

Proper Assembly

Noises from an industrial computer can also be the result of the loose assembly of PC parts.

In such instances, these components rattle during operations, making it crucial for manufacturers to focus on very high standards during the assembly of computer components.

By applying various noise reduction technologies in computers, manufacturers can solve numerous issues not only for indoor but outdoor applications as well.


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