The Durability and Efficiency of Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

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Manufacturers have come up with varying touchscreen types that cater to different requirements. Some of the touchscreens used in industrial environments include; projected capacitive touchscreen, surface capacitive, SAW, resistive, optical, and magnetic. Each of these technologies has characteristics that make them perfect for certain industrial applications.

Make up of Capacitive Touchscreens

Consists of indium tin oxide sensors and relies on the conductive power of humans. Projected capacitive touchscreens contain two layers of ITO, although some screens have only one layer, which results in a clearer display.

The layer stores electrical charge and there are patterned sensors that detect changes in capacitance when a human finger touches it. Projected capacitive touchscreens have transparent electrodes and are IC chip embedded.

Essential Parts

One of the components that give capacitive touchscreens their durability is the layer of safety glass. The protective cover on the monitor gives capacitive screens a resistance to dust, moisture and contaminants. It is the reason they are suitable for harsh industrial settings. A capacitive system allows a lot of light to pass through it and that is why it offers better clarity than other touchscreen technologies.

Transmittance Variation Between Capacitive and Resistive

Quite often, users struggle between picking capacitive and resistive touch screens for industrial use. Understanding the difference in transmittance can help with the decision. A resistive touchscreen relies on the pressure applied during operation. This touchscreen type contains two layers that face each other. When touched, the pressure from the top layer pushes it to the bottom one, which in turn sends signals. Capacitive screens, on the other hand, only require a simple touch and the disturbance of the electrical field registers the touch location.


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