Automotive Manufacturing

Panel PCs and Their Importance in the Auto Manufacturing Industry

CKS Global Solutions LTD Panel PC

The automotive industry is one of the most vibrant in the world today. There are various processes that a vehicle must go through before it is ready for use. Designing is the first process in automotive manufacturing. A manufacturer has to pick a design that is suitable and feasible. The next process is bringing in the components that build the …


How Industrial Computers Fare Against Tough Industrial Conditions

CKS Global Solutions LTD Industrial Computer

To survive in an industrial environment, a computer must have the highest-quality components and be designed with toughness in mind. An industrial computer is designed with inbuilt resistance to mechanical shock and heavy vibrations from manufacturing processes which could cause malfunctions and/or damage. Good examples of this are solid-state, shock-mounted drives, which perform better than rotating hard disk drives, single-level …

Get More Life

How to Extend the Use of Your Industrial Computer in the Workstation

CKS Global Solutions LTD Industrial Computer

Performance Under Extreme Heat Industrial workstations offer safe and functional computing in harsh environments, including when temperatures reach high levels or fluctuate. These rugged computers are designed to operate within a specified temperature range. A computer will ramp up its automated temperature controls in response to sensor readings if things become a little too hot or cold, utilising heat sinks …

ROI Return on Investment

Tips for Business Owners: Making the Most of an Industrial Computer

CKS Global Solutions LTD Industrial Computer

When it comes to choosing an industrial computer, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work well. Built to higher standards than regular commercial PCs, every computer needs to be customised based on various factors such as type of industry, speed of processing and ease of integration. Choosing the Right Computer Picking the right computer is important, since they don’t come cheap. …

New Year 2016

New Website, New Logo, New Direction

CKS Global Solutions LTD Company News

We would like to begin by saying a big HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2015 was a very busy year for CKS Global Solutions LTD, we have made some global changes in the past few months including a change of logo! We have also started to use a new PCAP (Projected Capacitive) Touchscreen Sensor that gives us a lot more flexibility. One …