Things You Need To Know About Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

What You Ought To Know About A Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Richard B. Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Have you ever wondered how a touch computer monitor knows where you are touching in the first place? Well, give credits to the “magic” of touchscreen technology these days. Projected capacitive touchscreen technology (known as PCAP Touchscreens) depends on the electrical properties of the human body for interaction. PCAP Touchscreens are regularly handheld and are commonly used on smartphones and …

The Role Of A Projected Capacitive Touch Screen for Food Processing

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen for the Food Processing Industry

Richard B. Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Meeting the consumers’ demands, fulfilling legal requirements and improving the productivity are amongst the main goal of a food processing company. That is why using a projected capacitive touchscreen technology is essential to cope up with the demands and be not left behind with the latest trends today. However, capacitive touchscreen devices are very sensitive where it also requires a …