Install A Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Technology In Arsenal Businesses

Propel with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen for the Military Tech

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A great wealth is created in manufacturing guns and ammunitions. But along with it, there is also a great danger in the working environment. So, why not advance your military equipment with a reliable projected capacitive touchscreen (PCAP) computing system?

The rise of PCAP technology not only enables the safety and productivity of the military equipment, it also provides convenience and efficiency.

Know how a projected capacitive technology blend in a hazardous environment like guns and ammunitions manufacturing.

Install A Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Technology In Arsenal Businesses

Why Install A PCAP Technology In Arsenal Businesses?

Technological advancements like touchscreen technology always come to the rescue in any industry. Even if you are manufacturing small arms ammunitions or cartridges, the use of technology is essential.

Of course, ammunition plants have extreme working environment. But, touch-enabled panel devices are known to be resilient in heat, water, moist, shock, and any falling debris.

So, what else a PCAP technology can offer to your business? Let’s take a good look of its potentials.

PCAP Highlights

Whether your business requires a multi-touch or single-touch, a projected capacitive technology can deliver interactive solutions and efficient computing system.

Once you have utilised the highlights of capacitive touchscreen technology in guns and ammunitions manufacturing, definitely, it can deliver outstanding optics and unmatched durability.

Works With Finger, Gloves, or Any Passive Pen

Most likely, some of the components like gunpowder, primer, case, and bullet is everywhere. That is why working in an ammunition plant needs to wear gloves for both safety and hygienic purposes.

Although each component is manufactured separately, specification for size, ignition type, shape, and ballistic performance should be standardised based on military and civilian ammunition requirements.

Thus, operations must be in full control to sustain consistency and accuracy. Mounting a 17” rugged touch computer panels in bullet manufacturing, production is in full throttle without a hindrance such as taking off the gloves just to click a push button.

Multi-Touch Capable Up To 10 Fingers

What is great about a 17” capacitive touch computer panel is that it is multi-touch. With a built-in Watchdog timer, you can monitor, login and control the entire operation at the same time.

In addition, a 17” rugged touch panel system can work 24/7 with a wide temperature range. It does not overheat as well or perhaps, experience a system failure since it is a low power consuming industrial PC and fan-less.

Also, PCAP monitors are suitable in environments that handle chemicals like in the guns and ammunitions manufacturing. It works with water where touch coordinates are also drift-free.

Wear- And Tear-Resistant

Touchscreens with projected capacitance are certified NEMA-sealed and rated IP68 which is also suitable for wash down areas.

Power It All Up

To sum it up, having a projected capacitive touchscreen technology for the military equipment manufacturing is just right. It can be huge investment but you can always assure that your guns and ammunitions are processed in high-quality standards.

You do not just improve your operations and productivity, you also earn a good reputation and reliability from your clients. Talk to a PCAP touchscreen provider now and power it all up.



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