New Year 2016

New Website, New Logo, New Direction

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We would like to begin by saying a big HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2015 was a very busy year for CKS Global Solutions LTD, we have made some global changes in the past few months including a change of logo!

We have also started to use a new PCAP (Projected Capacitive) Touchscreen Sensor that gives us a lot more flexibility. One of the new features allows us to expertly tune our Touchscreen firmware so that the operation suits a number of scenarios. We now allow for 3 point touch and also offer firmwares that allow the user to operate the Panel PC with really thick gloves, perfect for our customers within the Food Processing industry that keep the Industrial Computers in a Freezer / Cold Store. Water detection is also greatly improved with the new PCAP sensor.

A whole post explaining the new PCAP technology and it’s advantages and benefits will follow in the near future.

We also plan to be much more socially active and hope to reach out to potential new customers looking for an industrial computer product or custom bespoke industrial solution. There is also the option to subscribe to our newsletter which will be sending out information and updates on the proceedings of CKS product and more.

So please enjoy 2016 as much as we already are at CKS Global Solutions LTD!

Yours sincerely,

Richard Bickers
IT Manager