Make Use of Industrial Computer Workstation on Food Processing Plants

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Food processing involves handling of raw foodstuff to make foods ready to eat. It uses computing devices in the operations to complete a food process. Given this, the work operations also need to comply in a germ-free environment.

Today, food processing plants use advanced PCs to manage the flow of the operations. With these advanced computing devices, it makes the food processes easy to operate.

In the operations, there are industrial computer workstations being setup. These advanced PCs in a workstation act as the brain of the operation and production. Raw foods are processed simultaneously by using a specific internal application. And, what’s great is that these devices can best function in a hygienic environment.

Learn more on how an embedded PC in a workstation can best suit in the food processing plants.

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Why Build Industrial PC Workstations for Food Processing Operations

Keeping a high level of hygiene is essential in the food industry. Because of it, advanced PCs should also adhere to the standards of a hygienic environment. But at the same time, it can still perform its specific function.

An industrial panel PC in a workstation, for instance, can fit to harsh applications in a wide temperature range. It allows the user to complete an operation without worrying a food contamination.

Now, what makes an industrial computer workstation fitting in these factories? Let’s have a quick look of its common features.

Features of Industrial PC Workstations

Industrial computer workstations are suitable to be installed in the processing operations. Not only it provides an increase in production, but also makes the systems efficient.

Panel PCs and workstations in a food processing plant should not only be hygienic. But, it should also be innovative and user-friendly. It will help improve its efficiency and increase production as well.

Here are some features of most industrial workstations.

Stainless Steel Finish

Industrial panel PCs are enclosed in stainless steel construction frames. This makes the internal components of the equipment to be fully protected.

Potential damage caused by water, dust, dirt or other fallen debris will also be prevented. Its stainless steel finish adds sophistication and very easy to clean as well.

Graded IP69K Rating with High NEMA Sealing

Another advantage of industrial workstations is its IP69K rating as the highest protection. It offers protection against penetration of high-pressure, high-temperature water and dust.

Hence, it provides long-term availability and reliability. This ensures an embedded computer to work well in any working environment.

Built-in Watchdog Timer

Industrial computer workstations also come with a built-in Watchdog Timer. It can monitor, login and control the operations of the computing system.

Watchdog Timers can also detect a processor’s software may experience such as a freeze or hang. With this feature, it also has a function to reset the processor during such instance. This prevents any system failure during the entire processing operations.

Touchscreen Features and Customisation Options

Lastly, these computing system offers two types of touchscreen technology features. These are projected capacitive touchscreen and resistive touchscreen. Aside from this, customisation on selected specifications is also available. But, rest assured that it can work well in the operations.

Other advanced PCs may have limited capabilities compared to these features. So, choosing a panel PC with a workstation is essential as to what’s best for these processing plants.

Install an Industrial PC Workstation

Understanding the features of industrial workstations is a daunting task. In fact, these workstations can be quite a huge investment.

But, its features can prove what an industrial workstation can do in the operations. So, always guarantee the safety and quality of the food products made.

Start building industrial PC workstations on the processing operations. Talk to one of our experts today for any enquiry.


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