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How to Extend the Use of Your Industrial Computer in the Workstation

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Performance Under Extreme Heat

Industrial workstations offer safe and functional computing in harsh environments, including when temperatures reach high levels or fluctuate. These rugged computers are designed to operate within a specified temperature range. A computer will ramp up its automated temperature controls in response to sensor readings if things become a little too hot or cold, utilising heat sinks and fans to stay within this range. As long as these temperatures are managed, the performance of a computer shouldn’t be affected.

Humidity Standards

Fluctuations in temperature go hand-in-hand with fluctuations in humidity, which is another factor industrial workstations can withstand within a given range. This range could also be called the humidity standards of your workstation. Rugged computers are constructed to protect against the effects of high levels of humidity, including corrosion and short circuiting. Knowing the levels of humidity your industrial computer can withstand will indicate how you need to regulate the working environment to prolong its life.

Corrosive Materials

Industrial workstations are made of various types of metal which are prone to corrosion when exposed to certain materials, including:

  • moisture and gasses in the air
  • electrolytes such as salt, which is found in higher concentrations by the sea
  • impurities in the metals
  • food, which often contains lots of moisture and salt

Technological Maturity

This also tends to offer a few advantages including:

  • A more familiar system that everyone knows how to work.
  • Fewer bugs that need ironing out.
  • Greater compatibility in terms of software.
  • Fewer failures as these often occur earlier on.


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