Full IP69K S22 Industrial Computer With Intel® Core™ for Steel Operations

Richard B.Industrial Computer, Steel Manufacturing Industry

Whilst it is true that it is not yet widely adopted, automated systems are now being utilised in steel operations. It helps to improve the process control of high-quality casting as well as its steel production.

However, it is also known that automated systems can only work efficiently in advanced industrial computing devices. Apart from that, this computing system must also adhere the extreme working condition of steel casting operations.

This makes the S22 rugged industrial computers ideal to use for steel casting processes. It is highly compatible with the automated systems. And, this industrial computing device can have the required specifications needed for steel manufacturing.

Now, what makes it different from other enclosed PCs available in the market? Read more unto this blog and know why the S22 rugged computer is best used for precise steel casting procedures.

How the S22 Industrial Computers Can Improve Precision in Steel Operations

Obviously, the steel casting procedure is the most critical process in steel operations. It bears a complex process that requires precision to maintain the quality of a steel product. But, given the right tools and equipment, steel casting can be surprisingly easy to operate.

Fortunately, the S22 industrial panel PCs can be integrated with automated system as it comes with a compatible operating system. Thus, industrial applications, like modern steel casting, can be installed and utilised on this device.

Furthermore, this industrial computing device is also built with industrial-grade components. Its IP69K rating and NEMA4 sealing assure that it can withstand harsh conditions in steel operations. This includes the capability to resist dust ingress, heat, humidity, shock and vibrations. Expect that the S22 industrial PC can provide a precise steel casting procedure.

Do other PC enclosures have these capabilities? Let us explore the key features and benefits of S22 industrial panel PCs and other rugged computers.

Improving Precision and Quality of Steel Casting Operations

Indeed, industrial computers can drive accuracy and efficiency to optimise the steel casting processes. These devices do not only add up productivity but also, profits. However, some rugged computers may work effectively in extreme conditions whilst other PCs struggled to resist even liquid spillovers.

So, how does the S22 rugged industrial PC improve precision and quality in steel casting operations? Why is it the best device instead of other panel computers available? Let us take a look at the comparison chart below.

Features and Specifications

S22 Industrial Panel PCs

Other Rugged Computers

Processor System Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM 2.30Ghz

Supports Hyper-Threading

Intel Core i3-4010U, Dual Core; 1.7GHz
OS Support W7e 64-bit

W7 FES 64-bit

W10 IoT Enterprise LTSB 64-bit


(Customisable Options)

Microsoft® Windows 7 32/64-bit

Windows 8.1 32/64bit

WES 7 32/64-bit

Windows 10 32/64bit


Display 21.5” 300cd/m² 16:9 (1920 x 1080) TFT-LCD LED backlit 21.5″ TFT LCD (LED Backlight); 1920 x 1080
Touchscreen Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch 10 Point
Environment PC: -5°C to +45°C cased

-5°C to +50°C bezel Monitor: -10°C to +55°C;

IP65 / IP68 / IP69K

Operations: 0 ~ 50°C (32 ~ 122°F);

IP65 Compliant (Front)

Based on the chart above, the S22 industrial panel PCs have the best processor systems where the Intel® Core™ i7 is better than Intel® Core™ i3. The Core i3 series has only dual processors whilst Core i7 series have both dual and quad-core processors. Hence, this device can perform faster in terms of general computing.

In addition, it has hyper-threading advantage as it improves the overall performance of the processor by 30 percent. So, expect that this device can perform its functions well even in a complex environment like steel casting.

Integrate the S22 Industrial PCs to Automation for Steel Casting

Cost reduction. Productivity. Reliability. Better Performance.

These are the primary benefits of industrial-grade computers, especially if it is integrated to automation. For steel industries that bears a fast-paced environment with extreme working conditions, working with S22 industrial PCs is a must-have technology.

So, upgrade to modern steel casting today and start by building the S22 rugged industrial computers. Contact us now at (+44) 014 3874 7111 to learn more about this product.