Emerging Markets See Benefits from Capacitive Touchscreen Technology

Richard B.Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Touchscreen technology has revolutionised a lot of industries with its use spanning a wide range of applications.Capacitive touchscreen technology is utilised in most types of devices, mainly industrial PCs.
Mobile devices are by far the largest application of touch screen devices with manufacturers producing millions of devices each year to meet increased consumer demand.

The retail sector is another one that has numerous uses for touch screen devices with POS terminals and digital signage taking up a higher percentage.Other popular applications include ATMs, automotive, gaming consoles and PDS.

Improved Customer Experiences

The advent of multi-touch functions on touchscreen panels is one reason the technology keeps gaining momentum in the consumer market.

Touch displays that register more than one finger allow increased interactivity for users. Capacitive touchscreen technology is one of the options that manufacturers have when producing devices that enable multiple touch points.

Market Segments

The touchscreen technology market has various sections that categorise it, and those are type, application and screen size.

For applications, touchscreen displays have numerous uses that range from phones to machine automation in industries. As for type, resistive and capacitive touch technology are the most dominant ones while SAW and infrared make up the minority.

The screen size in touch displays ranges from under 3 inches to over 10 inches. This technology is also segmented into personal use applications such as consumer devices and professional use, which extend a very broad spectrum.

The Touchscreen Market

Tablets and smartphones have become a big part of everyday life with consumers using them for more than just communication. The exponential growth of these devices has made them the largest earners in terms of revenue for the touch screen technology market.


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