Some Crucial Facts about Embedded Touch Panel for Business Operations

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Touchscreen technology has evolved at a dramatic pace since its inception, and it uses span various sectors.

Business is one area where the use of touch screen has had an impact on different processes. Touch screens allow very fast operations, which reduces the time people have to spend on certain duties.
For example, in a packaging plant where a worker operates machines at the touch of a screen, productivity increases exponentially.

Touchscreen is assistive technology in that business people still have access to computers and other devices even in surroundings that can’t accommodate them.The use of touch screen improves the portability of computer, meaning that people can work from anywhere.

Types of Touch Panel Technology

Touch panel technology is available in various types.

Resistive touch works by measuring changes in resistance when pressure is applied to a panel. Capacitive touch panel comes in two varieties, which are surface and projected.Both work by registering electrical capacitance as opposed to resistance.

Surface capacitive panels are most suited for larger displays whilst projected alternatives offer multi-touch capabilities.SAW touch panels have piezoelectric transducers and receivers that detect ultrasonic waves during touch.Infrared touch technology relies on IR emitters and receivers to register light beams when a surface is touched.

Embedded Touch panels

Embedded touch refers to the use of touchscreen technology on embedded systems, which means that the touch panel is not operating on its own.

A good example of embedded touch use is in smartphones. Usually, there is integration between the touch panel sensor and the display such as LCD or AMOLED.

Merits of Embedded Touch

There are several benefits of using an embedded touch panel for business operations.

Embedded touch panelsallow for intuitive communication between the user and the device, which increases efficiency and accuracy.

Whether utilising LED, LCD or AMOLED displays in a work environment, there is maximum use of space. The absence of a keyboard or mouse allows the efficient use of small work spaces.


Embedded touch panels to comprise over 50% of mobile phone displays by 2017,

Benefits of Touch Screen Technology,