A Closer Look at Resistive and Capacitive Touchscreen Technology

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Few decades back, touchscreen technology wasused only for high-tech applications, usually in top research centers and multibillion dollar manufacturing facilities.
Today, it’s in everyday devices and equipment, particularly cellphones and car navigation systems. It is extensively used in a vast array of industries, including health care, distribution, and transportation.

Two Main Types of Touchscreen Technology

There are two types of touch screen technology—resistive and capacitive. The first to be introduced into the market were resistive touchscreens. These devices rely on the pressure exerted by the finger on the screen of the display, which triggers resistance.

It’s this resistance that allows the technology in the display to respond, thus the name. The greater the resistance, the faster the display response.

What Makes Capacitive Touchscreen a Better Choice?

Capacitive touchscreens, on the other hand, emerged when resistive touchscreens’ low sensitivity and poor contrast became a concern.

End-users started looking for devices that respond more quickly and have better display resolutions. These new devices rely not on pressure but on the electrical properties of the human body.Meaning, one does not need to press down harder on the screen to make an action.

A Shift on the Touchscreen Technologies: From Resistive to Capacitive

Over the years, capacitive touchscreens have slowly replace resistive touchscreens.

Most phones and vehicle monitors today are using the latest version of the technology. The only drawback is that most capacitive touchscreens require thinner and more breakable glass surface to achieve high sensitivity.

When choosing a touch screen device, whether it’s a phone or an industrial display, it helps to find out the kind of touch screen technology it is made of.

With capacitive touchscreens outperforming resistive ones, choosing the former can actually be a more lucrative decision. Just make sure that the equipment you will purchase are manufactured by a reputable firm.


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