A Close Look at the Power Consumption for Modular Industrial Computers

Richard B.Industrial Computer

One aspect to never forget when making the final decision on PCs is power consumption. Industrial computer applications tend to demand a lot of power with some requiring more than others. The more power a PC consumes, the more its costs to run it.

In a manufacturing plant that requires more than a few modular industrial computers, the power consumption factor will have to weigh in very heavily. The energy consumption of industrial PCs in a particular setting will also influence the performance of other machines around it.

Industrial PCs vs. Commercial PCs

When comparing the power consumption of an industrial PC and a commercial one, the issue of components comes into play.

Commercial computers have more internal parts than industrial ones, and all these need power to function. It is why its power consumption is higher than that of an industrial PC.

There is also the fact that commercial computers have to run a lot of operations, sometimes at one go, meaning that the processor has to draw a lot of power to accomplish tasks.

Modular industrial computers only have to meet dedicated functions, thereby, consuming less power.

Processor and Power Consumption

Consider the processor options when evaluating the power needs of a particular system. For one, the transistors contained in a CPU will determine how much power it draws since the more there are, the more power it eats up.

The processor is responsible for some major computations in a computer system, consequently reducing its power needs and minimising the total consumption by a fraction.

The need for low consumption modular industrial computers cannot be exaggerated enough and one factor that will influence that is design.

Although the performance demands may place some construction constraints, an industrial PC should be sturdy and lightweight to reduce power consumption.


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